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Marketing Tips – Connect Your Social Media Platforms Together To Save Time

April 1st, 2016
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In previous blog posts we’ve discussed social media and offered a few ideas to get the ball rolling. However, sometimes it can be hard to manage all of your different social media profiles. Most dentists have a social media profile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here are some tips for relieving a little time and effort from your social media management by connecting your platforms together!

First, it is important to have an account specifically for your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Having a presence on these platforms is vital for reaching existing clients and for finding new ones.

One of the simplest ways to post to each of your accounts is to connect all of your social media so that posting to one will cross-post to the others. This will make updating content easier and keep profile activity for your office social accounts evenly distributed.

Let’s start with Twitter! You can choose to have your posts simultaneously upload to Facebook through your Twitter settings. Now that more businesses are using multiple sites, social media platforms have begun to make sure formatting works across various media. Facebook recently introduced a #Hashtag feature to their platform, and Instagram also uses #Hashtags, which makes cross-posting more effective.

Connect Facebook to Twitter:
To find out more about connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts just follow the instructions here: Using Twitter with Facebook.

If you are a fan of Instagram, you can set up your office social media account so that when you share with Facebook, the post will be shared with your business page instead of our own. By keeping a social media presence high on both Instagram and Facebook, you can reach more fans and garner interest in your business.

Connect Instagram to Facebook:
Just follow these straightforward instructions on how to link Instagram to a Facebook page.

Our last blog post titled How Theming Creates the Ultimate Brand for Your Business, discussed the importance of a unified brand and how theming can help. Social Media is no different. To keep your office brand consistent, create a set of house-rules for each social media profile so that you know what sort of content to post to each. Some accounts might be more professional than others, or include specific themes or colors in every post.

Happy posting and stay social!


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