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Artist Profile – Dave Reilander – Modeling and Casting Specialist

June 1st, 2015

Dave Reilander (or Baron von Reilander as he is known in the art world) is the head of the Modeling and Casting department as well as the muscle around the IDS shop. He is responsible for many of the small detailed plastic and polymer clay sculptures that complement our large foam characters.

Dave’s father was a forest ranger so he and his 4 brothers grew up in the forests of Northern Alberta living in campgrounds, training as boy scouts, and having way too many encounters with black bears. With his unique childhood, Dave knows how to survive any situation. Despite his large, rough exterior he has sculpted some of the smallest and cutest props to come out of IDS.

Besides modeling adorable creatures for IDS, he is an avid painter and illustrator, a large and small scale sculptor, a special effects movie make-up artist specializing in monster make-up and gore effects, as well as a stop-motion animator. His films have been seen in many international film festivals.

Dave is a self-taught artist. He attended the Alberta College of Art and Design but like many great artists school was too restrictive and he left in his second year to pursue his own art.

Dave has been involved with many galleries including 14 solo shows along with hundreds of group shows. He has appeared on TV, done several radio interviews, and has been featured in various local Calgary magazines and papers, along with a mention in Juxtapoz Magazine (a highly respected artist profile magazine). As you can tell art is Dave’s passion and he has pursued it full throttle with great success.

Dave specializes in the Lowbrow Art Style, a visual art movement that became popular in the punk and hot-rod culture during the late 1970s. Classic cars, bulging eyeballs and monsters are a staple of the Lowbrow Art world. Dave often includes his favorite classic movie monsters, such as the Wolfman and the Creature from the Black Lagoon, in his art; it is art with a sense of humor.

Dave brings his own sense of humor to every piece he creates and IDS is lucky to have such a talented artist adding fun to every character he brings to life.

See more of Dave’s work at his personal website.


Artist Profile – Nick Bellemore – Multi-Talented IDS Sculpting Manager

November 4th, 2014

Nick Bellemore has been with IDS for 7 years. Beginning his time here as a sculptor and head of the modeling and casting department, he has moved up and now works as our sculpting manager, in charge of quality control and scheduling our many theming projects. He keeps everyone working hard with his great attitude and fun personality.

Nick’s sculpting and modeling skills come from a background in movie effects makeup. He first got into makeup as a child, frightening his parents and their friends by creating fake scars and wounds. He graduated top of his class at Complections College of Makeup Art & Design in Toronto, Ontario. One of the top schools in North America for makeup artistry, it specializes in character and special makeup effects, creature design, prosthetics, and theatrical makeup design. His knowledge of plastics, silicone and various modeling techniques have been a great asset to IDS.

Nick has applied his diverse skills to a huge variety of jobs, including creating props on George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead, doing stage makeup for Patti Labelle’s back up dancers, and working for the Toronto Children’s Theatre. He started out at 15 working for a puppet maker. Puppeteered on Canadian TV shows On the Road Again and Great Green Adventures.

Nick also runs his own makeup business on the side called Rocket Punch Studio. He most recently created puppets for the Canadian premiere of Neverwhere, from the novel by Neil Gaiman. His creations included a 9 foot long wild boar monster built using upholstery foam, fabric, latex paint, plastic, and wood. It is operated by two puppeteers who control the movements from the inside.

As with projects at IDS and the work he does on his own, every job is different – new challenges, new ideas, and new fabrication techniques. And he loves every minute of it.

The only thing Nick likes more than art is his dog. He and his fiancée are both huge dog lovers. Nick helps teach a dog obedience course and his fiancée walks dogs professionally. Together they have a very well behaved rescue dog named Solo.


Artist Profile – Ngoc Dep Nguyen – From Wood Carving to Foam Carving

February 27th, 2014

Ngoc Dep Nguyen is one of the many talented sculptors at IDS and has been with the company since 2008. She’s best known around the shop for her amazing speed in turning simple blocks of foam into incredible smiling sculptures.


Besides her skill of sculpting foam into the friendly faces of IDS characters, Dep is a master of carving wood. Her wood carving skill lies on the complete opposite end of IDS’s cute cartoon animals. She carves realistic, highly detailed, textured pieces.

Inspired by nature and wildlife images her best work is done on the gnarly tree roots of trees rather than solid chunks of wood. The forms of the characters she carves are forced to follow the twisted shapes of the wood, creating beautiful art pieces unlike anything else. Her approach to her carving is to always try to put a soul into every piece she carves, which becomes obvious when viewing these amazing pieces.

Dep has had numerous gallery showings, including most recently showcasing her latest piece, First Nations Chief, in the Western Showcase art exhibition at the world-famous Calgary Stampede. There she won first place in her division.

Dep has been sculpting since 1979. While already having a natural talent and eye for sculpture, she honed her abilities at art school learning about the proper tools and techniques. Inspired and supported by her teachers, Dep went on to instruct others as an art teacher for 15 years. Following that she then ran a commercial art studio for 5 years.

Originally from Vietnam, she moved to Canada in 2006 to be with her husband, a local Calgarian. They have a big family, with a daughter and grandson in Vietnam and 2 stepsons and 3 grandchildren here.

Dep hopes to continue working just as she is now, creating happy characters for IDS and beautiful wood carvings for relaxation.


Artist Profile – Rick Goertzen – Spooky Art for Halloween

October 28th, 2013

Rick “Munkie” Goertzen is the head painter at IDS. Paint is the last stage of our build process and the stage where our sculptures get that extra pop to make them come alive. Rick’s 23 years of airbrushing experience have brought a level of quality to our sculptures that cannot be compared.

Calgary born and raised, Rick has worked for IDS since 2004. His great sense of humor and talent for puns has made him a favorite around the IDS shop.

Rick is a self-taught artist, first starting out at the young age of 3 with a green crayon and the walls of his parents’ house. He moved on to more mature mediums, teaching himself to draw and to paint with oils, watercolor and ink.

He hasn’t stopped being creative since those very early days and now applies his talents to many mediums. Besides being the head airbrush artist at IDS, he is also talented sculptor as well (most recently he created one of IDS’s most popular trade show pieces – Chile the penguin).

Rick also does automotive airbrushing, creating custom paint jobs for cars and motorcycles. Flames and skulls are his specialty. He won Best in Class from World of Wheels for a custom paint job done on a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

On the weekends, Rick works as a tattoo artist.

Rick only started tattooing four years ago on a dare, despite it being a lifelong dream, and has loved it ever since. His trusting fiancée has let him practice on her over the years.

To Rick, the best thing about being an artist is being trusted – either to work on a brand new $30,000 motorcycle or part of a person’s body. People give a lot of trust to artists. And IDS gives a lot of trust to Rick to finish and bring life to our amazing sculptures.


Artist Profile – Bob Devan – Cheeky Monkeys, Purple Hippos, and Enormous Elephants… Oh My!

July 25th, 2013


Bob is our head designer and concept illustrator at IDS and has been working with owners Dave and Andrew since 1995. His drawing style has shaped the iconic characters and themes for which IDS is so well known. Bob’s cheeky monkeys, purple hippos, and enormous elephants busting out of walls have brought IDS the recognition it has today.

Bob’s talents do not stop at sketching smiling animals and dental humor. Bob is also an accomplished sculptor and a realistic portrait artist, drawing friends and family and even celebrities. Working with clay, paint and his old faithful pencil, faces come alive under Bob’s skilled hand.

After almost 20 years in the industry and many advances in technology, both at work and at home Bob still prefers to use traditional drawing mediums like pencil, charcoal, graphite, oil paint, and acrylic. While he will touch up his illustrations on the computer, getting Bob to fully embrace the newer technology of computer editing software has been a challenging battle for the younger, “hipper” illustrators that work with him at IDS. But as you can see from his sketches, his favorite traditional mediums are still working beautifully for him.


Humble Beginnings

Bob was born and raised in Singapore, one of the world’s most prosperous cities that boasts one of the top 5 busiest port and a population of over 5 million people. Here he met his wife with whom he would have 2 children.

Bob began drawing as a boy in Singapore, and knew as many artists do that art would be a big part of his life – and so he made it his career. In his 20s, Bob was hired on at a print company and when the art director suddenly quit, Bob was thrown into the position, teaching himself and excelling at the creative side of the print business.

Bob moved on to become an art director at a design firm and even worked for several years in advertising. After 2 years as a freelance illustrator, concept artist, and storyboard artist, he was ready for something different. Looking for a slower pace and less congestion, Bob and his wife moved to scenic Calgary, Canada. He brought his artistic skills with him and put them to good use.

A Future With IDS

In 1995 Bob joined IDS owner Dave to be part of our creative team. In the beginning, Bob worked as a sculptor and painter, helping to build amazing props. But through the years he put his past knowledge to use and became the main concept artist, translating concepts on to paper and bringing the ideas of clients to life. And the rest is history.

Imagination Dental Solutions is very fortunate to have a multi-talented artist like Bob on our staff. The IDS Team has a wealth of talent that helps us create the amazing offices we build every day, drawing on many different skills and experiences that have come together under one roof.

“I love drawing every day and being able to do what I love to make a living. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my sketches turned into amazing finished 3D sculptures.”

– Bob Devan, Head Designer