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AAPD Annual Session 2018 Recap – Unveiling the IDS AR App VIVARRA

May 17th, 2018

Another successful AAPD Annual Session has come and gone. Elizabeth, Kristi, Gavin, and David were so excited to meet everyone and talk about all the new projects and products we are working on right now. Our most exciting product is our latest innovation: the VIVARRA augmented reality app. Did you get a chance to check it out at the show? If not, we recommend you book a demo to see the app in action.


David and Kristi demonstrate our new AR app at the AAPD Annual Session.


The VIVARRA AR App and Your Patients

VIVARRA is a fun, playful app, but we want to dive deeper into the benefits of VIVARRA and how it helps combat patient anxiety.

Did you know that a patient’s waiting room experience has an impact on a doctor’s rating and consequently the likelihood of a patient returning? * Whether you want to admit it or not, anxiety is inherent in your patients, with up to 74% of children and adolescent patients reporting some sort of dental anxiety. **

This fear is a real barrier to effective treatment. Sitting idly while waiting for an appointment creates an opportunity for young imaginations to run wild, feeding into any trepidation they may feel and impacting the effectiveness of the appointment. There is an easy way to use that time waiting and instead transform it into a positive and engaging experience — a fun, educational distraction. IDS presents VIVARRA.

Our app uses augmented reality (AR) along with our popular murals and graphics to take office theming to the next level. Patients explore graphics with a mobile device, bringing characters to life right in your waiting room, treatment rooms, or wherever patients have idle time.

Each theme has a character that springs to life and along with a human friend, demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques. Brushing is fun and easy to do with the help of an animal companion. These characters then lead the user through an I Spy game, dances, and other in-app activities, providing a variety of entertainment.


The VIVARRA app includes educational demonstrations and fun games activities like making your AR character perform different dance moves.


Augmented reality is a new technology and it is on the rise. In the article Healthcare Virtual Reality Enhances Clinician, Patient Satisfaction By Elizabeth O’Dowd she states 

“While the initial uses of VR in healthcare may not be immediately apparent, its applications can be spread through many facets in healthcare including surgery, education, pain management, rehabilitation, and therapy.”

IDS is taking the educational potential of AR and combining it with the fun and entertainment that the IDS brand is famous for, creating an app just for dentists and their concerns.

“VR and AR also have many patient facing uses as well for pain management, therapy, and can even be used to reduce fear in patients.”

With the right tools, you can combat dental fear in your office. Are you interested in introducing augmented reality into your patient experience? Contact the VIVARRA team to book your demo: 1.888.340.6690


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** Responses measured with the Corah’s Dental Anxiety Scale (DAS) and the Trait Anxiety Scale (TAS) at the Pediatric Dentistry Clinic of the Federal University of Parana