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Interview with Dr. Tonya Triplett – 10 Years and 3 Themed Offices with IDS

July 1st, 2016

Dr. Tonya Triplett knows the power of innovation in the dental industry. She and her partners were the owners of the very first IDS themed office, installed back in 2004. Her originality isn’t about to stop there. She has the first farm themed IDS office, which was completed in the spring of 2016. We talked with her about her successful working relationship with IDS.

IDS: Over the years, you’ve become one of our biggest fans. How did you find us the first time?

Dr. Triplett: Back in 2004 my partner and I had an idea for a fun space and were looking for a custom manufacturer to build it. When we first contacted Dave he wasn’t even building dental offices, he was focused more on theme parks. We had to convince him to do it.

The first office created for Dr. Triplett and the first office ever made by IDS!


IDS: Why did you decide to theme your office ten years ago?

Dr. Triplett: My partner and I knew we wanted something different that would help us stand out from other practices. Plus we wanted to do something great and unique for our patients.


IDS: When you started building for the second time, did you plan on theming your new office?

Dr. Triplett: Obviously we wanted to theme our second office, but we knew this new, larger office would be more expensive so we were uncertain if we should proceed. After talking with other companies in the industry, they told us our theming was the best part of our previous office. We went ahead, it turned out amazing, and now we’re on to a third office!


The second office created for Dr. Triplett – jungle decor dominates this location.


IDS: Now that you are building a third office, we want to revisit some of the choices that helped you get to where you are today. Did the theming at your first two offices allow you to grow bigger or faster?

Dr. Triplett: Absolutely! A big part of why we are able to do a third office is the theming. IDS has had a huge impact on the growth of our last two practices. Now I can’t imagine having a pediatric dental office without [IDS theming].


IDS: What are some specific ways that IDS dental theming has helped you grow?

Dr. Triplett: Our word of mouth recommendations are through the roof. Our jungle office has been the talk of the town since it opened up 6 years ago. We even have a few families that have moved, but still drive in from the next county over to keep coming to our office. That is amazing client loyalty.


IDS: Have you tracked your patient growth after you themed your office? How many new patients did the theming bring in?

Dr. Triplett: I don’t have exact numbers, but the theming in the second practice has brought in thousands of new patients since opening in 2010.


IDS: As for your third office, how difficult was it to get your new partners to go along with your desire to theme your new office? Did they resist at all?

Dr. Triplett: Absolutely not. They knew about the profits and the number of new patients the jungle office pulled in, so there was none of the uncertainty we had the last time we expanded into a bigger space. And they are excited about the new theme itself. We actually did a theme that no other IDS dental office had done before, a farm theme!


IDS: You’ve always been innovative in your ideas, and we are thrilled to be working on IDS’s first farm themed office with you. Why did you want to do something so unique and different?

Dr. Triplett: I knew this office would be more challenging than the last two, but I knew IDS could make it amazing. With the service, quality and creativity that IDS provides there was no reason not to try something new and unique.


The third office created for Dr. Triplett – the farm theme is carried through from floor to ceiling.


Dr. Tonya Triplett received her undergraduate degree in dental hygiene and her Dental and Pediatric Dental Specialization from The University of Tennessee. Dr. Tonya is a member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists and the American Dental Association. Dr. Tonya enjoys traveling and attending Razorback sporting events. She has a daughter, Kailee.