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IDS in the Community – Spreading Joy to a Family in Need During the Holidays

January 2nd, 2018

At IDS we strive to make a difference in the lives of those around us. One way that we extended our “Care Deeply” company value this holiday season was by adopting a local family in need.

We paired with Closer to Home, a local social assistance program, to help a family with two little girls have a special Christmas. From their website, Closer to Home states,

“As we have all witnessed this year in Calgary, some families are one situation away from spiralling into crisis and increased stress, which could easily lead to family breakdown. Closer to Home addresses a broad spectrum of issues that put families at risk of falling into crisis. These issues include poverty, mental health, family violence, divorce, addiction, job loss, parenting and family issues.”

Our sponsored family asked for practical winter necessities such as winter boots, socks, mitts and underwear, which we provided along with additional toys so the parents are able to provide their kids with gifts from Santa. With the help and generosity of our fantastic staff, we were able to get every single thing on our adopt a family’s wish list.

 We hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday and has a fantastic 2018!


New Year, New Outlook on Dental Health

January 1st, 2017

With the holiday season under wraps, it’s time for a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions kick into high gear this month, so why not encourage your patients to make theirs about dental health? Here are a few tips for getting off to a great start!

Brush, Brush, Brush!
As you know, patients often overlook proper brushing. Working with your patients to ensure they are keeping their teeth in great shape is invaluable. Try challenging patients to a New Year’s Brushing Resolution. Get kids excited to build healthy habits and reward those that keep track of their daily brushing with small prizes the next time they visit!

Knowledge is Power
A great smile begins with patient education. Offering convenient and easy to digest information is key. If your office has an online presence, you can include valuable tips and tricks within your website, in blog posts, and on any social media pages you may have. Office bulletins and simple informational brochures work great, and of course, nothing beats having a conversation with your patients.

Don’t Forget to Floss
While proper brushing is important, a lot of people fail to include regular flossing in their daily routine. Encouraging your patients by showing them the proper technique on friendly characters or in an education station is a great way to make patients feel comfortable! Providing kids with some yummy flavoured floss like mint or cinnamon doesn’t hurt either.

Everyone is Welcome
Regular dental visits are incredibly important to our overall health. Unfortunately, over 100 million Americans fail to see a dentist each year. From basic education and maintenance to problem detection, every visit to the dental office counts. So why not make your patient’s trip an enjoyable experience? Friendly and helpful staff, as well as a themed office environment can help make your patients’ appointments a breeze. With a practice themed by IDS, your patients will be excited for what the New Year brings!

From all of us at IDS, we wish you all the best in the New Year!


IDS in the Community – Blankets Hand Crafted with Love for Ronald McDonald House

December 1st, 2016

What is the best way to give back this holiday season? For the folks at Imagination Dental Solutions giving back means reaching out to one of our favorite charities – Ronald McDonald House Charities – and crafting blankets for the children in their care.

Ronald McDonald House provides seriously ill children and their families with a place to call home that is close to a medical facility. We have worked with the RMHC before to build several Magic Rooms, a wonderful place for these children to celebrate a special event such as a successful surgery or that they are going home.

IDS - Blankets for Charity 2016

This holiday season the crew at IDS hand assembled blankets of all sizes to help kids at the Ronald McDonald House feel comforted and loved. Over the course of two evenings, we hand cut, tied, and crafted the blankets and will be bringing them to our local RMHC just in time for the holidays.

IDS - Blankets for Charity - 2016

Group activities are a great form of team building. Team building activities can be especially meaningful when paired with an element that benefits your community or a charity. We encourage business owners to bring your own staff together and see what you can do this holiday season.

From Instructables, here’s how you can make your own tied fleece blanket.

From everyone at Imagination Dental Solutions, we encourage you to share the warmth of giving with those who need it most. Happy Holidays!


Marketing Tips – Celebrating Different Holidays in Your Themed Office

November 1st, 2016

Kids love holidays! Celebrate the holidays in your office with costumes, decorations, and contests! If you have IDS office theming don’t miss the opportunity to throw a Santa hat on an elephant or turn a crocodile into a spooky ghost for Halloween! Fun photo opportunities will abound in your themed office. Here are some other ideas for ways you can celebrate the holidays with your patients.



October is the gateway to plenty of office decorating opportunities! Decorations, additional props, and even contests are a great way to engage patients and show off your festive spirit.

The holidays can also be used as an important educational tool for children in many dental offices. After Halloween, many children participate in ‘Candy Buyback’ events that allow kids to bring their candy to their local dental office in exchange for money or small dental-related gifts.

Not only does this teach your patients about the importance of healthy eating habits, it also gives them the opportunity to donate to a cause. Many Candy Buyback events donate the collected candy to military troops overseas to lift their spirits during the holidays.


November welcomes in Thanksgiving, which is a great time to host contests on your social media page or decorate with arts and crafts made by your patients. Encouraging children to be creative in the waiting room helps to distract kids from any dental worries, and nurtures their imagination.

A dental-related coloring contest can be a great way to get your social media hopping. Post the coloring pages and host a contest to get some social buzz around your practice.


In December the spirit of giving is at its peak. This month is the perfect opportunity to educate children on the importance of charity and dental health. Host contests to see how many toothbrushes your patients can collect to donate to a local shelter. Encourage children to donate the money they receive from the Tooth Fairy to a cause that is important to them.

As a dental practice, you can host contests or raffles encouraging patients to support local charities. This is also the perfect time to turn your office into a winter wonderland through the addition of fluffy snow, holiday hats, and cut-paper snowflakes made by your patients!


Don’t forget about Easter, Back to School, and Valentine’s Day. There are so many ways to celebrate all year long. Enjoy the holidays and remember to take advantage of them to help promote your business!


Artist Profile – Rick Goertzen – Spooky Art for Halloween

October 28th, 2013

Rick “Munkie” Goertzen is the head painter at IDS. Paint is the last stage of our build process and the stage where our sculptures get that extra pop to make them come alive. Rick’s 23 years of airbrushing experience have brought a level of quality to our sculptures that cannot be compared.

Calgary born and raised, Rick has worked for IDS since 2004. His great sense of humor and talent for puns has made him a favorite around the IDS shop.

Rick is a self-taught artist, first starting out at the young age of 3 with a green crayon and the walls of his parents’ house. He moved on to more mature mediums, teaching himself to draw and to paint with oils, watercolor and ink.

He hasn’t stopped being creative since those very early days and now applies his talents to many mediums. Besides being the head airbrush artist at IDS, he is also talented sculptor as well (most recently he created one of IDS’s most popular trade show pieces – Chile the penguin).

Rick also does automotive airbrushing, creating custom paint jobs for cars and motorcycles. Flames and skulls are his specialty. He won Best in Class from World of Wheels for a custom paint job done on a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

On the weekends, Rick works as a tattoo artist.

Rick only started tattooing four years ago on a dare, despite it being a lifelong dream, and has loved it ever since. His trusting fiancée has let him practice on her over the years.

To Rick, the best thing about being an artist is being trusted – either to work on a brand new $30,000 motorcycle or part of a person’s body. People give a lot of trust to artists. And IDS gives a lot of trust to Rick to finish and bring life to our amazing sculptures.