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IDS in the Community – Spreading Joy to a Family in Need During the Holidays

January 2nd, 2018

At IDS we strive to make a difference in the lives of those around us. One way that we extended our “Care Deeply” company value this holiday season was by adopting a local family in need.

We paired with Closer to Home, a local social assistance program, to help a family with two little girls have a special Christmas. From their website, Closer to Home states,

“As we have all witnessed this year in Calgary, some families are one situation away from spiralling into crisis and increased stress, which could easily lead to family breakdown. Closer to Home addresses a broad spectrum of issues that put families at risk of falling into crisis. These issues include poverty, mental health, family violence, divorce, addiction, job loss, parenting and family issues.”

Our sponsored family asked for practical winter necessities such as winter boots, socks, mitts and underwear, which we provided along with additional toys so the parents are able to provide their kids with gifts from Santa. With the help and generosity of our fantastic staff, we were able to get every single thing on our adopt a family’s wish list.

 We hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday and has a fantastic 2018!


IDS in the Community – Blankets Hand Crafted with Love for Ronald McDonald House

December 1st, 2016

What is the best way to give back this holiday season? For the folks at Imagination Dental Solutions giving back means reaching out to one of our favorite charities – Ronald McDonald House Charities – and crafting blankets for the children in their care.

Ronald McDonald House provides seriously ill children and their families with a place to call home that is close to a medical facility. We have worked with the RMHC before to build several Magic Rooms, a wonderful place for these children to celebrate a special event such as a successful surgery or that they are going home.

IDS - Blankets for Charity 2016

This holiday season the crew at IDS hand assembled blankets of all sizes to help kids at the Ronald McDonald House feel comforted and loved. Over the course of two evenings, we hand cut, tied, and crafted the blankets and will be bringing them to our local RMHC just in time for the holidays.

IDS - Blankets for Charity - 2016

Group activities are a great form of team building. Team building activities can be especially meaningful when paired with an element that benefits your community or a charity. We encourage business owners to bring your own staff together and see what you can do this holiday season.

From Instructables, here’s how you can make your own tied fleece blanket.

From everyone at Imagination Dental Solutions, we encourage you to share the warmth of giving with those who need it most. Happy Holidays!


IDS in the Community – Fifi the Fish – A Book Illustrated by IDS for Charity

August 1st, 2016

IDS joined together with one of our office theming clients, Dr. Leslie Jacobs, to create a children’s book for charity.

Dr. Leslie Jacobs, who has an office themed around another book she wrote, has created a brand new story for IDS to illustrate. The book was illustrated by Michelle Morean Baptista, one of the talented artists at IDS whose ideas become the fun and welcoming theming featured in dental offices across North America. Dr.

“Fifi the Freckle Faced Fish” follows the tale of Fifi the fish, a character embarrassed by her speckled face that makes her look different. As she and her friends journey through the animal kingdom they realize their differences are what make them special. It is a story of acceptance and embracing what makes each of us unique.

Proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), a charity that is very important to IDS owner David Nolan, whose son has autism. You can learn more about this charity at

To find out more and to order your own copy of “Fifi the Freckled Face Fish” visit:


IDS in the Community – Helping the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

July 30th, 2015

Imagination Dental Solutions is very happy to have had an opportunity to help the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, a charitable association based in Denver.

As part of their services, the Coalition has a family night each Wednesday where they provide important health services to the children of working parents experiencing homelessness, including pediatric dental care.

From their website:

The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Dental Clinic provides comprehensive and emergency services to families and individuals experiencing homelessness regardless of insurance coverage. The Dental team provides compassionate and professional service in a state-of-the-art facility. The experienced and friendly staff will make sure you leave with a smile.

The Dental Clinic also provides outstanding care for children and teens during regular hours in a calming environment. Families, who are unable to make appointments during the day, are also encouraged to visit the Monthly Pediatrics Night, where families can access dental services, as well as primary care, eye exams, and fun activities for kids. 

IDS created a friendly mural featuring a happy hippo for their dental treatment room. The fun visual should add an extra level of comfort to children visiting the clinic.

We recently received an email from the Coalition that said:

“Our dental clinic is thrilled to see children enter our pediatric exam room with wide eyes and smiles as opposed to fear and trepidation. You have made the environment more welcoming to say the least!”

The team at Imagination Dental Solutions is proud to have had an opportunity to help the Coalition and the many families that use their services. We are always glad to help children smile!

For more information about the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, please visit their website.


IDS in the Community – IDS “Gives a Leg Up” with Spruce Meadows Charity Competition

July 1st, 2014

A Special Cause

Operating on a weekly basis from April through September, Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding brings people and horses together to create immeasurable bonds, rider confidence, and improve physical outcomes. Founded in 1998, their goal is to provide those with disabilities the opportunity to experience horseback riding, with the added benefit of being therapeutic for the riders by using the horse’s natural gait to gently relax tight muscles and improve core strength, balance, and coordination.

Both our accounting manager, Carol Nolan, and our director of sales, Elizabeth Roney, have been heavily involved in the organization which helps provide a therapeutic riding program for children and adults with physical, social and intellectual challenges.

A Great Opportunity

This past May we had an opportunity to team up with Opening Gaits on a very special project.

As part of the Spruce Meadows National Tournament, a showjumping competition that hosts the best athletes and horses from around the world, Spruce Meadows held the “Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up” charity auction. The idea was to increase awareness and provide aid to local organizations that focus on helping others in their communities.

This year’s competition centered on 20 local organizations taking life-sized fiberglass horse sculptures and adding whatever artistic flair they could dream up to promote their business or the community.

Naturally, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on our horse and get to work. Our designers, sculptors, and painters were able to come up with the magnificent idea to add custom-made wings to turn our horse into a Pegasus. This design was inspired by the Opening Gaits’ logo of a Pegasus and its rider. We began the competition with very high hopes.

A Rewarding Experience

After the tournament’s conclusion, the results poured in, and our horse was the recipient of the very prestigious “Spruce Meadows Pegasus Club” award for first place. An award that, until this year had not even existed, but was created to celebrate our outstanding design.

Aside from the first-place ribbon, the award also came with a cash prize worth $10,000, all of which will be going to continue supporting the ‘Opening Gaits’ organization.

Opening Gaits

From June through September, Spruce Meadows will be auctioning off all 20 horses, with the proceeds of each sale going to the organization responsible for each entry.