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Imagination Dental Solutions is now Imagination Design Studios

January 1st, 2019

It’s a new year and if you hadn’t noticed, we have a new name and a new logo to go along with it! Imagination Dental Solutions is now Imagination Design Studios. It’s subtle, we know, but it’ll make a big difference to pediatric patients in all types of industries.

For the past ten years, IDS has changed the face of pediatric dental offices, creating a revolution in the way dental environments are designed for kids. Our fun and inviting environments help ease the nervous energy of children and prime them for better dental appointments.

We want to make sure that other industries that cater to children can also benefit from the positive effects of office theming. We’ve changed our name to be more inclusive of our other clients, including pediatric clinics, hospitals, optometry offices, and more!

So we have a new name, but our focus hasn’t changed – creating amazing spaces for pediatric patients!

And don’t worry, you can still reach our Account Managers at their existing email addresses.

CAPD Conference 2018 in Canada

September 30th, 2018

Thank you, everyone, who joined us at the CAPD Conference in Banff! It’s a beautiful location to meet up with dentists from across Canada. Elizabeth, Erin, and our newest account manager David Quaicoe, had a great time showing off our latest and greatest office installs.

This was our first Canadian show and we were very happy to meet so many dentists that are right in our backyard. We invite everyone to visit our office anytime to get a tour of our magic process.

If you didn’t grab our brochure at the show you can still get one sent to you. Just request your copy here.

In case you were curious, here are some images from a few of our Canadian offices:

All these offices and more can be seen on our project page!


Marketing Tips – 5 Easy Ways to Use an Award to Market Your Dental Office

March 31st, 2018

Awards are an honor to receive, as well as a great way to boost the reputation of your business. Let’s look at how an award can help your business.

Awards are a form of “social proof”. Social proof is the influence that the actions and attitudes of other people have on your own behavior and decisions. By showing that your business is recognized for its quality, you will help ease the minds of potential customers. Other examples of social proof are testimonials, ratings, and celebrity endorsements.

The easiest way to find awards to apply for is to search online for industry-specific awards available in your city, state, or country. Small business awards often contain multiple categories in which you can nominate yourself. Magazines, newspapers, and websites love to run “Best of…” contests and issues. You can even check out mom blogs and parent groups for more award opportunities. Be sure to use your unique IDS themed office to get more attention when you apply for awards. Once you start winning you can promote yourself as an “award-winning dental office”. Here are some simple ways you can use an award to market your business.


1. Get it in the news.

Send a press release to your local paper to announce your accomplishment. Local news crews are always looking for fun feel-good stories and will likely be interested in your story, especially if you have a visually interesting IDS themed office. This will get your name out there in an organic way that’s less intrusive than traditional advertising. You can also post these news stories to your own social media, so it’s a win-win.


2. Announce it!

Announce your award on social media or add it to the cover image. Social media is a great place to get excited about an award. Post a photo of you and your staff cheering to make it more personal.


3. Put it on your website.

Add the words “Award-Winning” to your company bio or list the award with your patient testimonials.


4. Display your awards.

A printed banner, plaque, or even a sticker on your front door allows old and new customers to see your awards.


5. Add it to your marketing materials.

If it’s a big win, go one step further and add it to your printed collateral that goes out to clients and colleagues: at the bottom of your letterhead, in the corner of your reminder postcards, or under your logo as a tagline.


These are only a few ideas to get you thinking. Getting positive press for your unique office is easy once you get started. Good luck with your awards!


IDS is proud to accept the Alberta Business Awards – Marketing Award of Distinction.

The Alberta Business Awards of Distinction recognize businesses and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and contribution to their community while having developed business acumen & management practices to ensure long-term sustainability. To date, over 250 companies have been named Alberta Business Award of Distinction recipients. We are proud to count ourselves among that number.

Marketing Team Heads Victoria Mitchell and Micaela Blondin


Celebrating 10 Years of Imagination Dental Solutions

October 2nd, 2017

In 2017 Imagination Dental Solutions is celebrating 10 years of serving the dental community and changing the lives of children and dentists alike with our magical themed offices. October marks the month when IDS moved from a fun idea into a reality.

Company President, David Nolan, an artist and entrepreneur, began his business career as a promotional window painter. He moved into the realm of 3D by making temporary props for photo studios.

SYC founders Yet Ngo and Dave Nolan in the early days.

Seeing the potential in this new endeavor, Dave expanded and began making more permanent displays for movie theaters and storefronts. He created the IDS parent company Studio Y Creations (SYC) in 1993 and brought on a business partner, Andrew Hulbert, in 1998.

In 2004 SYC was contacted by a dentist named Dr. Tonya looking for some unique office decor. With our experience creating props for theme parks, she knew we would create the fun environment she was hoping for. Little did Dave and Andrew know, this request would alter the future of the company forever.

The demand was there and we could supply it. After learning about the unique needs and daily life of a dentist, we saw the obstacles faced with patient comfort and retention and our chance to overcome it. We wanted to tailor our 3D creations to fit into the dental world. In 2007 Imagination Dental Solutions became official. A theming company just for dentists!

We think Dave put it best,

“We have achieved this milestone through the hard work and dedication of the members of the IDS Team to constantly improve our workflow and explore new ideas. Our culture of customer service that exists throughout the entire organization has made us well known and keeps customers coming back. Along with a decade in business, we are also celebrating the completion of over 250 dental projects.

We have been honored to have become a part of the dental community and have had the pleasure of working with and meeting many people all over the USA, Canada, and now the world as we expand into the UK and Saudi Arabia. We look forward to continuing to build on these strong relationships.

In the future, we will be expanding into new technologies and new experiences to help bring in young clients and make them primed for a fun and successful dental visit.”

IDS hopes that our clients will join us by celebrating their own IDS theming install anniversaries in their own offices!

Patterson Today Features an IDS Underwater Office

June 3rd, 2014

One of our recent clients was featured in Patterson Today, an online publication by Patterson Dental. The article does a great job of showing off their impressive new office!

Here’s an expert from the article where Dr. Healy of Tiny Teeth Pediatric Dentistry talks about the undersea theme we created for this amazing office:

“As many doctors are doing with new spaces, Healy wanted to create a practice that didn’t feel sterile. He wanted it to be a fun place where both parents and children could feel comfortable and excited about dental care. Ultimately, it got him more excited about dental care, too. “You’ll catch me out there playing with the kids more than I probably should be,” he said, laughing. “You have to think like a kid sometimes. So often, kids go to a doctor’s office and it’s not very inviting. Naturally, you know how they’re going to feel. They’re going to be anxious when they come to the back.

To give the illusion of being underwater, the walls of the practice are covered in murals with waves and sea life, and there’s even a pirate ship. The results have been amazing, Healy said. People often come in for their appointment, and then come in again the next day to take a picture. It’s worked to help keep his patients happy, and their parents engaged.

As a parent, if my kid really likes going somewhere, I’m going to keep taking my kid there,”

Healy said.

“I’ve had a lot of patients that drive by and see it and they say, ‘My son or daughter wants to come here because of seeing this.’ It’s a built–in advertisement of what services I have to offer, and if you have something that no one else has, people want to come there.”

Read the rest of the article from Patterson Today.