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Interview with Dr. Nguyen – Spend Money on Quality

February 1st, 2019

Dr. Joe Nguyen has been a fan of ours for many years now. He first contacted us in 2014 to get a couple brushing mirrors and a mural. Since then he has themed 3 of his locations from top to bottom, creating some of our favorite underwater themed offices. This video shows off the latest install as well as the inside scoop in IDS from Dr. Joe himself.

My name’s Dr. Joe, I opened three clinics here in Houston. Started in 2014, knew I wanted something different, unique, definitely want that wow-factor when patients step through the door. Did a little research online, stumbled upon Imagination Dental Solutions (Imagination Design Studios). Picked up the phone, gave them a call and been doing business with them for five years.

The thing that jumps out right away is the different characters that they use, the colors, it’s vibrant. It feels like they’re jumping out at you, it feels really real, feels like you’re going to a theme park and all kids love theme parks!

So you can bring that to your dental office, they’ll definitely come through the door. My first reaction to the final product I was filled with joy! They exceeded all my expectations, the process was very smooth, everybody was really helpful! They answered all my questions.

Getting into this project, I knew it was a big risk, but after seeing the result of the first practice the second and the third was a no brainer. It’s a really safe investment, you’ll get your return plus a lot more in return! You truly get what you pay for. Their quality is really good, service is great, it’s not like once they install they’re done. They follow up with you, want to make sure you’re ok. If you have any issues, they come back & fix it for you.

Even though they’re located in Canada, the communication is really good. I don’t want to let that be something that deters you from using them.

Also, with the price too, because you can see the difference in the quality. Just everything, you can tell they’re at the top of the game. There’s other people out there who try to copy them, but it’s totally different, you see it. So if you’re looking for something that is truly unique and has that wow-factor, and captures people’s attention when they first some though the clinic. Without a doubt, don’t hesitate. I definitely would recommend using Imagination Dental Solutions (Imagination Design Studios) because it’s worth every penny!


Case Study – Dr. Michael Lateiner and Dr. Gloria Fulman – Adding Theming to Increase Profitability and Patient Satisfaction

December 15th, 2018

One of the main benefits of IDS office theming is how it can help you grow your business faster. IDS has themed over 300 offices and more than 30% of our clients have come back to theme a second (or third, or seventh) additional office. Theming has brought them success and allowed them to expand, adding more theming or opening additional locations. This is the story of one of those successful clients.

“In 5 years we became a multi-million dollar office and we attribute a huge amount of our success to IDS.”

Small Start – Big Results

In 2010, Dr. Michael Lateiner came to IDS to add theming to the reception area in his small dental office. His goal was to create a fun space for his patients and to increase the number of patients the practice saw. Focusing on the reception area, he began with a few murals, desk cladding, and a children’s play area.

Dr. Lateiner knew his theming was a great way to connect with kids, but he didn’t yet realize its true potential; his office now had a competitive edge that was memorable, shareable, and drew in kids and parents alike.

Expanding in Popularity

The popularity of Dr. Lateiner’s themed office grew over the next 5 years, increasing his profits and giving him the funds necessary to take over the neighboring office space. He removed the adjoining wall and expanded his treatment area and the reception (pictured above) to make room for even more patients.

With a newly expanded space, Dr. Lateiner was ready for additional theming to help further grow his practice. In 2016 IDS added murals, a photo op, a themed brushing station, and even theming in the x-ray room – more than double what had been installed years before.

“We hoped IDS theming would provide a 10X return on our investment and, well, our expectations have been exceeded.”

Doubling Down on Theming

In 2017, only a year after Dr. Lateiner’s previous project, he and his wife, Dr. Gloria Fulman, began construction on a new office. They immediately contacted IDS to plan a fully themed office.

“We were so happy with the results from our first office that we had the confidence to open a second one. This time we gave IDS complete creative freedom.”

IDS created travel themed decor, featuring caricatures of a young Michael and Gloria adventuring around the world. Extensive murals, photo ops, and brushing stations transformed this office into a kid-friendly environment that parents and patients love.

“Patients come into the office and are immediately comfortable. The parents can’t stop taking pictures.”

“IDS has the whole package. Their creations help make our patients comfortable, happy, and excited to visit us. This, in turn, creates happy parents who are now more willing to bring their children regularly. The end results allow us to provide better dental care to our patients while ensuring the practice grows profitably.”

IDS office decor will benefit your office. We see it again and again with our existing clients. Contact us to become a successful member of the IDS family too!


Interview with Dr. Chuck Hughes – Bringing in Clients with Attention Grabbing Theming

November 15th, 2018

Dr. Chuck Hughes is a highly successful pediatric dentist in Jackson, Tennessee and a valued customer of IDS. We sat down with Dr. Hughes to ask him about his experience working with IDS and the impact it has had on his practice. Now an enthusiastic office ‘themer’, he was happy to oblige.

IDS: Dr. Hughes, what made you contact IDS in the first place?

Dr. Chuck Hughes: When I first saw them in PDT magazine and then at the AAPD conference, I thought, wow, this company is really creative and I bet if I put one of their giant characters on my roof, it would stop traffic. Of course it would be great advertising.

Then, taking it one step further, I thought about why I became a pediatric dentist. I love working with kids and I know how important it is for them to learn how to take care of their teeth. What if I could do more to make their office visit fun, engaging and educational? Everyone at our office already does so much to put kids at ease but what if we could make the office seem like a fun place for kids, super welcoming and just for them… how great would that be?


IDS: Were you doing anything to market your practice before you found IDS?

Dr. Chuck Hughes: At the time I was doing everything I could think of! I was doing newspaper ads, TV commercials and radio spots. It was expensive but what I believed needed to be done. I was spending about $6000 a month on what would help grow my practice.


IDS: How was your experience working with IDS?

Dr. Chuck Hughes: Fantastic, from beginning to end. When I first called and spoke to Dave (IDS President) he was so excited about the potential of my office that I couldn’t help but get excited too. I could immediately tell from our first conversation that he knew dental offices and all the challenges that we have setting up and running our practices. I knew I was talking to an expert.

I could tell from their website that everything was very high quality, so I was a little worried about costs. Once I started working with IDS, they were so professional and detailed that I realized I was in good hands. How can you not be impressed with their design ideas and the quality of their products?

And the results! They did everything that they said they would and more. The IDS installers that came down to my office did a great job and the installation of everything went very easy and on time. I was blown away by what they accomplished.


IDS: Did you get the results you were looking for and how did you know?

Dr. Chuck Hughes: I knew as soon as we opened that we were getting a lot of new patients, so I asked my staff to keep track by asking each new patient or their parents what brought them in. At the time, like I said, I was spending a significant amount each month on promotional ads in the newspaper, on TV and radio and a bunch of other things. And all those things took a lot of time to manage.

I was thinking that I would have been happy if my new investment in IDS had been responsible for 50% of the new patients tracked. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the results came in after six months… a full 94% of people surveyed cited the exterior theming!! I was so happy to hear this. I knew I was making the right decision but this survey proved it.


IDS: Were there any other benefits?

Dr. Chuck Hughes: Multiple benefits! Patient retention, no question. My dental team is the best and we have always worked very hard on patient retention. However, if children cannot wait to come back because of how cool our office is, that’s just a bonus.

We always see parents and teens taking pictures with their phones in the office. You can’t buy that kind of advertising when they send out those pictures to their friends and family and maybe even post them on their Facebook page. That’s a true benefit.

Another benefit is for my staff. They love it when a child walks in and their jaw drops at what they see, or when a mom compliments the office. It makes them proud because it’s their office too.

I am a huge advocate for proper dental education for my patients. IDS really helped me by creating elements in the theming that I use to educate all my patients. It is done in a fun and playful way so the kids are much more likely to remember what we’ve taught them.

And a final reason and this is really important, it also makes my job easier as well as our other dentists, hygienists, and assistants. If children are more relaxed, it is definitely easier to do our jobs.


IDS: Would you work with IDS again?

Dr. Chuck Hughes: I am thrilled with my current office and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Dave and his team again! Not only would I work with them again but when other practitioners ask me, ‘who did those great animals on your roof’ I say, IDS, and you’re going to love them… here’s their number.

Check out Dr. Hughes’ office photos here.


Interview with Scott Savel – How Theming Brings Success

September 15th, 2018

Scott Savel owns several successful dental offices. IDS has themed three of those locations – you can see his first and second space themed offices on our website. On our most recent install, we sat down and chatted with Scott about what he thinks about theming. Watch the video to see a tour his two space offices and see some snippets of the full interview we have transcribed below.

IDS: This is your third IDS office now?

Scott Savel: This is my third IDS office.


IDS: Do you have more plans for expanding into new locations with more theming?

Scott Savel: Yeah, we found that theming has been instrumental in our success, we’re definitely planning on opening multiple offices and using theming for all of them.


IDS: Is the IDS theming helping you expand faster?

Scott Savel: Tremendous difference. We found that by making the investment, that it sets us apart and especially in pediatrics. We walk into an area, and we’re a “category-killer” in that area.


IDS: What’s your favorite part of your office? Favorite prop, room, etc.?

Scott Savel: You know it’s hard to say, all the stuff they do is so cool. I mean every time I do it, it’s amazing, but we tend to center and focus on the game room and the front desk, so I would have to say the game rooms are always the coolest.

IDS: Have your patients or their parents commented on your theming? What have they said?

Scott Savel: They can’t believe it. They’ve never seen a dental office like this before and they wish they had something like that for them. In fact, we’ve used the IDS concept in order to bring in adult patients. So, we market to the children but, we hopefully are able to book the parents when they come in as well.


IDS: How do you like working with IDS, what do you think of IDS?

Scott Savel: Hands down IDS is an incredible company. They’re reliable, they’re super, super organized, they’re incredibly creative, they can handle any need you could possibly want. I’ve always been amazed how they could be out of state or even out of the country in this case and be able to coordinate this job to such perfection. Hands down, they have it down completely, it’s always seamless.


IDS: What do you think are the benefits of office theming?

Scott Savel: Office theming as I said previously, sets you apart. It gives you something. If you look at dentistry as a whole, most dentistry offices are always the same, but the theming sets you apart, it definitely jumpstarts the business.


IDS: Would you recommend IDS and theming to your friends?

Scott Savel: Well no one that’s local, I don’t want any competition! But if you’re gonna open up out of state, I would definitely recommend IDS.


IDS: Do your employees get into the theme, and have they enjoyed their work in that environment?

Scott Savel: Every time I open a new office, every one of my employees wants to work in the new office. They’re always so cool and so different and every time we do it, it just gets better and better. We work off of our original idea, and we go from there.

IDS: How do you feel about the quality of the product IDS provides you?

Scott Savel: It’s hands down incredible. The way they actually manufacture the products and if you really look at what they do a lot of it is just hand done. It’s almost like they’re artists. Of course, the installation teams that come in are incredible as well. Literally, no stone is left unturned and they work with you to make sure you’re completely satisfied until the job is done.


IDS: Have you ever received patient referrals from current patients due to the new IDS theming?

Scott Savel: Of course. People see it all the time. Not only that, but IDS helps us with our marketing. You know, a lot of people advertise in newspapers or look to radio, but we’re a real visual concept now. We’ve developed television commercials and certain kinds of billboard advertising that really shows the visual concept and how it sets us apart from everybody else.


IDS: Has your practice increased due to passersby, foot-traffic, vehicles seeing your theming and bringing new kids to you?

Scott Savel: It’s not even close, absolutely. Every time we open up an IDS themed office, we are jump-started from the get-go. Right away people see it, they walk in, they’ve never seen anything like it, they’re blown away, they can’t even believe it’s a dental office.


IDS: Did you get good value for your money?

Scott Savel: Absolutely. You know, it’s all relative, no one can build what IDS does, no one can do what they do. So, it’s definitely good value because even though the upfront costs are sometimes not small, depending on how deep you wanna go and there’s no end to what you can do with these guys, they can do anything. The point is that when you’re a dentist, you’ll be in business for 15, 20, 30 years, so if you amortize those costs over that time, it actually comes out very cheap compared to how fast you’re building your business.


IDS: If you could plan a whole new office, what theme would you go with?

Scott Savel: Well it’s interesting. I’ve been working with IDS for a while and I’ve done jungle themes and I’ve done space themes. But I gotta say, at the end of the day, our company is called Super Smiles and I like the space theme personally, because it transcends to adults and to children, everybody loves it.


IDS: Last question here, if you could get IDS to make anything: sky’s the limit, doesn’t matter cost, your imagination, what would you get them to make?

Scott Savel: They have some people outside the New York area, where obviously real estate is a lot cheaper, where they’re taking large buildings and warehouse space. I’m dying to do an office where I could do the outside of it, because I just believe that is the coolest thing ever that they do. I haven’t done that yet, it’s all been interior work, but if I could own a building and do a complete outside job, which brings people in, inside and out, that would be something I would love to coordinate with them.


Interview with Dr. Bobby Ghandehari – Theming is for Orthodontists Too

August 15th, 2018

Dr. Bobby Ghandehari has run his own practice since 2004. Along with his wife, Dr. Sarah Mathias, a pediatric dentist, they approached IDS to theme their joint ortho/pediatric office.

IDS: As an orthodontist, what are your biggest challenges in growing your practice?

Dr. Ghandehari: I would say competition. There are 25-30 orthodontic offices in our area, so you really have to stand out.


IDS: What marketing efforts have you made in the past to address these?

Dr. Ghandehari: At first, I used mostly external marketing with flyers and brochures. I used the same company as the pediatric practice that shares the same office, but it doesn’t work for orthodontics.

For pediatrics, when new families are looking for a dentist they respond to the flyers. For ortho, it doesn’t really work that way. Word of mouth and referrals are what I need.

The marketing company that we were using wanted us to focus externally to general dentists. However, we found more success internally, receiving referrals from the pediatric practice within our same walls.


IDS: You share an office with a pediatric dentist. It sounds like you have made that a positive for your practice. As an orthodontist, however, what were your concerns about theming your office?

Dr. Ghandehari: The challenge is that if the office looks focused on only kids, then adults will not want to come for their ortho treatment. Our first office was themed very young, so parents of children in the pediatric practice would seek ortho care from another ortho because they thought I was a pediatric ortho. It is a problem embedded into a practice like this. If you join a practice like this, it could be looked at that way.

IDS: How did IDS address those concerns and what solution did they come up with for you?

Dr. Ghandehari: Three ways. First, IDS was able to create a path, set the course in terms of planning. We were able to develop the vision together. It is a lot of work and you only find limited skill level while trying to find different artists to do each thing. IDS has a whole team to build the vision rather than me researching it. Previously, I had some nice work done for the pedo side but it did not reflect ortho. We were able to bring a mature look because IDS has so many different artists with different skills. They have the capacity for any look.

Second, we were able to implement the project exactly as we discussed and IDS created it as we wanted. The dentist has to be the leader for that vision and, when you are working with other trades, you don’t always get to see how things are going to look. With IDS, they were able to show me how everything was going to look with sketches and 3D models, so I could relax.

Thirdly were the ideas that they came up with. They were able to tie in the various aspects of the design to achieve the goal that we wanted. We wanted two different environments for the two practices, and we were able to meet in reception with something that made us both happy. Reception is designed so that both orthodontic and pediatric patients are happy and welcome. It has lots of animals and trees which patients of all ages love, but they took my comment about liking hotel lobbies and created a mature, elegant space with a waterfall. We love it.

IDS: How have your patients and staff reacted to the office décor?

Dr. Ghandehari: Patients have already commented on how much more mature it is compared to our previous office. Mostly we hear that they are wowed! The surprise of what they get to see when they walk in…that makes it worth it.


IDS: Now that your office is completed, what do you believe are the main benefits of theming an office?

Dr. Ghandehari: When you hear the kids’ footsteps running in 30 seconds before the parents because they are so excited to be there!


IDS: Did you have any other concerns about theming with IDS before initially contacting them?

Dr. Ghandehari: The concerns were largely centered on budget and time frame. I wasn’t sure that it would be affordable for their quality. However the value was there.

Also, locally in California I can get some things done quickly but not to the same quality. I knew it would be longer with IDS because of all the work and detail that the artists put into it, so I was worried that you couldn’t get it done within our time frame. I was worried that I wouldn’t even be able to go with IDS. But everything turned out fine in the end.


IDS: How has your experience been working with IDS throughout the whole process?

Dr. Ghandehari: I think the extent of their attention to detail with the project let me not worry about the project. It put me at ease. I always had the confidence from the beginning that someone was looking after things and I don’t have to be that person.


IDS: What did you like most about working with IDS?

Dr. Ghandehari: We had so many things to do and the stresses of construction, but there was one area that I did not worry about – I knew that the IDS team was looking after everything.

And also, I don’t think IDS does enough to promote how good their install team is. The install team is comprised of fabricators, so they can troubleshoot on-site and reliably get things done and solve problems. What a difference that made!


IDS: What is the best advice you can give an orthodontist who is looking to theme their dental office?

Dr. Ghandehari: Think about the patient experience. I have seen the response that patients and family have when they see you have created a fun and pleasant environment for them. We expect patients to invest a lot of time into their dental health and our business, but it is not always pleasant. I wanted it to be fun. Patients assume every practice has the same excellence so they decide on where to go based on where they are cared for, where it is enjoyable and fun. The knowledge and expertise is assumed in an office, but the patient experience comes after they’ve been there.


Dr. Bobby Ghandehari is a UCLA graduate and Regents Scholar, and a graduate of the prestigious Department of Orthodontics, at the University of Illinois School of Dentistry. Dr. Bobby resides in Ladera Ranch with his wife, Sarah Mathias (a children’s dentist) their two sons, and their German Shepherd, Hans.