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5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Photo Op

August 28th, 2019

With social media playing an ever more critical role in marketing, it’s no surprise that photo ops are becoming a trend in clinic waiting rooms the world over. It’s a great strategy for using your physical office space to drive social media activity (like posts and shares) and can really help a practice gain organic traction in the online parent community.
Here are 5 tips to ensure you are getting maximum value out your photo op:
1. Make Sure It’s ‘Share-Worthy’.

Parents are always on the lookout for the next moment that will produce an eye-catching, adorable photo of their little ones. Make sure that your photo op features vibrant colors and something that will really make kids smile. It’s all about curating that perfect social media moment.


2. It’s Also a Subtle Brag.

Beyond the adorable moment, parents are secretly looking for the opportunity for a subtle brag. For example, “Look at how much fun my kid had at the dentist… Oh, and no cavities!”

To play into this desire, add some props to the scene that allow kids to proudly advertise ‘Cavity-Free Today!’, ‘Had a Great Appointment!’, or ‘I was Brave Today!’.

If you’re an optometrist, try a sign that says ‘New Glasses Day!’ or ‘My First Pair of Glasses!’.

If you’re a doctor, ‘I Was Vaccinated Today!’, ‘I Got a Shot Today!’, or ‘I’m All Better!


3. Make Sure Your Brand is Along for the Ride.

You get the most marketing value from a photo being posted to social media if those who see it know where it was taken. We suggest a combination of two things: your logo subtly included in the scene somewhere – it can be incorporated in the background scene, on a signpost that’s in the shot, or perhaps on the t-shirt of the photo op character. Next, utilize hashtags and encourage parents to tag your office when they post the picture. Make this easy on them by ensuring your hashtags and social media handles are easy to find and are included on any take-home paperwork they may receive.


4. Run a Contest.

One of the best ways to nurture parent-driven activity online is to run a contest. Weave this together with your photo op by allowing the posting of the photo as entry into the contest. Use a unique hashtag to easily identify entries online and make your prize something family-focused such as passes to a local amusement park or a family picnic prize pack.

One thing to note here – not every parent will be open to posting photos of their kids on social media, so be sure to supplement the above with an offline entry ballot as well. This way parents have the opportunity to enter without being ‘forced’ to post pics of their kids online.

5. Mix it Up!

Parents don’t want to look like they are posting the same photo more than once, which is why you’ll need to put some thought into keeping your photo op current. It can be as simple as adding some seasonal props like a Santa hat on your character or adding some pumpkins and cobwebs around Halloween. The trick is to make the photo op reflect what’s current now.


Ready to learn more? Book a free consultation with our team today and we’ll walk you through the elements that make the perfect ‘share-worthy’ scene in your office!

IDS Experts – Murals, The Finishing Touch for Your 3D Theming

September 1st, 2017

All of our wall murals are hand illustrated by our in-house creative team who are experts at creating digital art. Unlike traditionally painted murals, our digital murals are drawn directly on special computer monitors. The digital backgrounds and characters we create can be resized and moved around to fit your space. We can even change colors with a couple clicks of a button!

I especially love creating the 2D to 3D murals. We work with our sculptors to create unique 3D characters that appear to be bursting from their 2D mural counterparts and are specially designed for small spaces such as treatment rooms or hallways. By merging a 3D character with a 2D mural we can create an amazing optical illusion!

Our digital murals are printed on vinyl sheets and are easy to install, cutting down on the time it takes to transform your office while keeping the style consistent. Digital murals enrich more than just the walls in your office; we can apply graphics to many surfaces. Door and window decals help to enhance smaller spaces, while murals added to benches and cupboards help tie your whole office together. Floor murals add theming without losing valuable space in your office. Even custom video game bezels get the IDS treatment.

Part of my job is working closely with printers to find the highest quality and longest-lasting materials for all these different surfaces. Unlike paint that might flake and fade with time, we use vivid inks, high-quality durable vinyl, and a UV resistant laminate that protects from fading and creates a surface that is easy to clean.

Whatever the size of your space, wall murals match your theme, work around existing features, and bring your office to life!

From our artists to our engineers, we pride ourselves on the level of expertise each team member brings to the projects we create. Our experts want to offer some insight into their work and offer professional advice to help your dental office reach its full potential.

Head Muralist
Bachelor of Design Degree
Joined IDS in 2012

Marketing Tips – Pediatric Dental Offices Get a Spotlight on the Internet with Help from Smile Savvy and IDS

September 16th, 2013

Here at IDS we are always looking for other companies that we believe share similar business values in order to enhance our marketing offerings to our customers. We want to continue focusing on our core competencies as a company that creates designs that are fabricated into one-of-a-kind themed offices for children and families.

For the past several years we have been providing website design to some of our customers to ensure that the branding that they developed with us would carry through to their online presence. We discovered through that process, however, that as an organization it was not the best use of our resources and that sometimes it is counter-productive to endeavor to be all things to all customers. Recognizing that, we want to introduce you to Smile Savvy, a dental website design and internet marketing company.  We have recently announced the beginning of a relationship that will bring comprehensive marketing solutions to dentists.

For the past 13 years, the Smile Savvy team has been developing websites and providing internet marketing services to over 1,000 pediatric dentists in 46 states and 3 countries and has grown into the largest pediatric dental internet marketing company in the world. Working together with IDS enables a customer’s branding to come to life online as well as in the office.

Julie Fields, President and CEO of Smile Savvy and told us that,

“The Smile Savvy team was immediately amazed by the creative designs of IDS when we saw your booth for the first time at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry convention years ago. Imagination Dental Solutions is a company that shares Smile Savvy’s commitment to quality for its customers. The products designed and produced by IDS are custom originals and made to the highest standards. We are proud to be working alongside such a well known and respected company.”

Dave Nolan, President of IDS said of the new business relationship,

“Our customers often ask who we would recommend for their website and internet marketing needs. In Smile Savvy we have found a company that shares our values while providing favorable internet marketing results to their customers. I have no doubt that this relationship will be great for IDS, Smile Savvy and most importantly, our customers. The IDS team is very excited to be working together with Smile Savvy.”

The customer-centered commitment of the two companies is to work closely to ensure the themed products and designs will be consistent in all areas of marketing from the office design, to the website design, and social media campaigns.

Smile Savvy, a sister company of, is an internet marketing company serving the dental community through website designs, internet marketing, and social media. More information about Smile Savvy can be found on their website