What’s the ROI on Theming an Office?

The ROI on kid-friendly spaces is more compelling than you may think!

It’s a trend that’s on the rise – more and more healthcare providers who work with children are choosing to theme their pediatric offices or add dedicated kids spaces to family-focused practices. The obvious benefit is that these spaces turn out amazing and the office is fun to be in (for all ages), but there is also a very compelling ROI on the investment into kid-friendly theming.

Whether it be a fully themed office, or the addition of some kid-friendly spaces, here is what clients of IDS report as the most important and long-term value they experience:

1. Create Lifelong Benefits in Your Patients

Pediatric patients get to engage in a fun environment, which serves to displace treatment anxiety and helps encourage positive memories associated with care. Patients look forward to their next visit and these positive associations are the foundation for positive health outcomes long term.

Here’s how theming can create lifelong benefits:

  • Alleviating Treatment Anxiety
  • Encouraging Positive Memories
  • Building Trust and Rapport
  • Promoting Long-Term Oral Health
  • Fostering Patient Loyalty

“It’s less threatening as an environment, so kids are more willing to come in and proceed with their treatments.”

– Ekatrina, dental assistant

2. Gain Parents’ Trust and Approval 

When patients are at ease, appointments become easier for parents too. They get to relax, knowing their child is having fun in a kids-first environment and, because the experience is beyond their expectations, parents enjoy confidence that they have made the right choice from the moment they walk through the front door. This confidence then helps to drive referrals.

Gain parent’s trust with themed decor:

  • Parental Relaxation During Appointments
  • Confidence in the Choice of Dental Practice
  • Enhanced Trust in the Dental Team
  • Positive Referral Behavior
  • Strengthening Patient-Provider Relationships

“The waiting room is colorful, whimsical, and has lots of activities and distractions to entertain little ones who are likely anxious and scared of their appointment… I’m very happy we chose to come here and I actually look forward to bringing my son back.”

– Erin L, online review

“The office is decorated awesome which is fun for the kids – lightens the mood when nerves may be a sneaking up on your child. If you’re looking for a dentist whose entire office revolves children; this is the place to go.”

– Charleen L, Online Review

“The entire complex is warm and inviting. There are activities (TV, interactive areas, play corner) to help put the kiddos at ease.”

– Belle W, Online Review

3. Attract and Retain Happy Staff

It’s not just patients who benefit from a themed environment; your staff does too! A fun and engaging workplace boosts morale, fosters teamwork, and increases productivity. Happy staff members are more motivated to provide exceptional care, leading to better patient outcomes and greater profitability for your practice.

“My first expression walking into my office for an interview was WOW!! I wanted the job at first sight just by how the office appeared.”

– Candace, Practice Administrator

“The theming has helped in every aspect of the clinic. Hiring pediatricians is no longer a challenge – once they set foot in the facility they want to work here because the decor speaks to our philosophy and dedication to helping kids.”

– Mahwish Baber, Operations Director

Staff get to work in a fun environment with lessened stress, all while getting to watch as families say ‘wow’ when they enter the office. With IDS, there are also time-management benefits built-in, such as I Spy Murals which keep kids occupied as they complete a scavenger hunt within the mural.

4. Create Brand Differentiation

Brand differentiation refers to the process of distinguishing a product, service, or in this case, a dental practice, from its competitors in the minds of consumers. In the context of a themed dental office, brand differentiation involves creating a unique and memorable experience that sets the practice apart from other dental offices in the area.

Here’s how theming can contribute to brand differentiation:

  • Distinctive Visual Identity
  • Emotional Connection
  • Consistency Across Touchpoints
  • Unique Patient Experience
  • Attracting Target Audience
  • Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Let’s talk more about word-of-mouth referrals.

5. See an Increase in Patient Referrals from Organic Online Marketing

The practice experiences supercharged growth, in part due to the three benefits listed above, and also because it’s an exceptional marketing strategy. There’s no better foundation for a buzz-worthy experience than an IDS-themed environment. To take that a step further, our characters can be used to create the perfect ‘share-worthy’ photo ops inside your office. As parents post these adorable photos on social media every day, your brand benefits from the increased activity and your brand gains access to an online network of parents.

“I would rate the effectiveness of the theming in driving the growth of my practice a 10/10. Without IDS theming we wouldn’t be the talk of the town like we are now.”

– Dr. Michael Lateiner

And last but not least…

6. More Profit and a Full Schedule!

This ROI speaks for itself:

“We were a brand new office – when we opened we had a full schedule within 6 months.”

– Amy, Office Manager

“By utilizing theming and patient engagement we are gaining 250 new patients a month with almost no additional external marketing.”

– Dr. Clyde

“When we first moved in, I had a goal of achieving $1.2m in revenue and we met that. This year, we are on target to achieve $2m in revenue and I credit the theming with bringing in that additional $800,000.”

– Dr. Jenni Burkitt

“In one year we’ve gone from a startup, to full-on busy. I’m sure we’ll have too many patients within 2 to 3 years.”

– Dr. Jed Snatic

“When we opened after installing the octopus on our roof we were seeing up to 59 new patients a day.”

– Dr. Derek Thompson

“I had my staff track every new customer for six months by asking them what it was that brought them to our practice. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the results came in… a full 94% cited the theming above my entrance!”

– Dr. Chuck Hughes

“When we opened our doors for the first time we had no patients, but now our patient numbers are growing day-by-day and we are well on the way to achieving our dream.”

– Dr. R M

In summary, theming your dental office isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a strategic investment that pays off in numerous ways.

To determine the ROI of theming a dental office, it’s essential to weigh these factors and assess how the theme contributes to patient satisfaction, retention, and practice growth over time. Tracking metrics such as patient feedback, appointment bookings, referral rates, and revenue growth can help evaluate the effectiveness of the themed design in achieving its objectives.

Simply put, by theming your office with IDS today, your patients, parents, staff and bottom line all benefit for many years to come. Oh, and your office will look great too! It’s time to get started on your office.

IDS theming is not an expense; it is an investment in your business.

Invest in Your Patients

Valuing your patients and their families sets them up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. And the environment you create can help you achieve a better patient experience.

  • Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their relaxation
  • Prime patients and families for their appointments
  • Create positive dental care experiences

Invest in Your Business

Maintain your edge in the crowded dental service space. Attention to details in your niche can transform your environment and overall patient satisfaction…whatever your dental niche.

  • Create “buzz” in the community you serve
  • Accelerate patient referrals
  • Generate positive online reviews

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