Interview with Dr. Diya Chadha – Kids Won’t Even Know They’re At The Dentist

Dr. Diya Chadha is the co-owner of 3 IDS offices, including one with jungle office decor and an undersea office.

Watch the video to see a tour the beach themed office decor. 

IDS: How did your new IDS beach dental office change the perception of your patients? 

Dr. Chadha: Having our offices themed by IDS was probably the best decision we ever made. The colors and the decor and the theming makes the office so much more friendly and welcoming and half the time the kids don’t even realize they’re at a dentist’s office. They think it’s a play center or a positive, fun environment for them, so it was definitely the best decision we ever made. 

IDS: Do you think the parents feel more relaxed bringing their kids because of the theming? 

Dr. Chadha: Oh absolutely. I can’t tell you how many times we had parents come in and say, “Well, can I be a patient here?”, “This is so fun” or they say, “How come I never had anything like this when I was growing up?” So it definitely does attract the parents and makes them more comfortable knowing that this office is catered to their children. 

IDS: Would you recommend IDS to other businesses that deal with children? 

Dr. Chadha: I think IDS is a necessity now. It’s necessary for offices dealing with children to provide an environment that is gonna be fun and friendly and relieve any anxiety that the children may have. So it’s a definite yes. 

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IDS: How do you feel about the quality of the product?

Dr. Chadha: I think the quality’s excellent. We’ve put the quality to the test and we’ve had kids running and jumping and pulling on things and you know what? Its stood the test of time and so far so good. So I would say it’s top notch. 

IDS: Has your practice increased due to passersby? People seeing the theming, coming in, and checking it out? 

Dr. Chadha: People are always intrigued. They walk by and they see this very unusual, friendly, fun looking place and a lot of kids think it’s a play center. So just that mystery about what it is, is enough to attract the attention for people to come in to see what the office is all about.

IDS: If you could plan a whole new office, what kind of theme do you think you would go for?

Dr. Chadha: Ooh, that’s a tough one and I have thought about it because I’m ready to do another fun office! I like the barn theme, so some barn animals and other fun critters, I think that would be fun. 

IDS: If you could get IDS to make anything, sky’s the limit, what would get them to add to this office? 

Dr. Chadha: Some giant character on the roof! And a car to match my office, that’s what I’d like.

Read the interview with Dr. Chadha’s business partner Dr. Karim Kanani to hear about the jungle and underwater offices they also built.

Dr. Chadha is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where she received her Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree. Her passion for providing a positive dental experience to each child she treats is always evident, and she brings a mother’s touch to her care.

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