Our Top 8 Pediatric Dental Office Styles to Inspire Your Design Strategy

If you’re considering making upgrades to your office, or you’re opening a new clinic, the best first step is to create a mood board of inspiring spaces.

While in this stage of planning, try to think outside the proverbial “box” of dental office design strategy. There are so many interesting decor options to consider, allow yourself to dream big and consider all possibilities.

To help get you started, we put together a collection of interesting ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t forget to use a photo-saving site like Pinterest to keep your ideas organized.


As you browse through the following dental office design and decor pictures, keep in mind that choosing a theme is personal and relative to what you want to convey with your business. These are some of our top choices for you to be inspired by and reflect on the designs to see which would work best for you.

1. Retro-themed Vignettes

A retro theme creates a feeling of nostalgia. It also enhances that sense of familiarity patients can identify with. It’s the brand of design you might associate with a Disney theme park. Each area you encounter transports you physically and emotionally to another “world” of sorts. Choose a design expert who’s equipped to design around your vintage vision!

2. Theme Green

A cause or strong belief in something such as the environment or being “green” can prompt your dental office theme.

This theme could begin with your choice of building and marketing materials. Many people are attracted to this level of social awareness – especially those with an environmentally conscious mindset.

Beyond that, patients could appreciate your “clean-and-green” approach to their care.

Consider options like:

  • Living design elements like plants and water features.
  • Promote environmental sustainability by choosing and highlighting recyclables, etc for your construction and design.

3. All-in (and Out) Theming

From the exterior to the interior, the “wow-factor” happens when you go all-in on theming. The built-in appeal has the potential to draw people in as they drive by and enter your facility.

A compelling themed space creates a marketing buzz. A complete commitment to your theme makes a greater impact on the patient psyche more than random, piecemeal theming.

When patients pull out their phones to snap an image or two – you’ll know you’re onto something!

4. Create the “Spa Factor”

What is it about the word “spa” that creates a vibe? It appeals a bit more to an adult demographic, but even so, a pediatric dental office can apply the principle to its overall environment.

A spa-themed dental office provides a premium feel through its services. Clean, streamlined features add to the ambiance you will want to generate.

Other amenities could include:

  • Water features.
  • Soothing images and sound effects.
  • Complimentary “anything” from beverages to Wi-Fi, etc.

Spa theming goes beyond the use of the word in your branding. It promotes luxury, relaxation, and a top tier brand of services that attracts a particular patient.

5. A Cast of Characters

If you’re looking to add some creativity to your office and you can build an “immersive” world of characters to drive your brand with a mascot to represent your business. Fantasy and education can be combined with your themed characters to help provide care.

Begin with a costume, a toy, or a sculptured character to represent your mascot and then transform  your space to match you character. Kids will identify with your brand as each character promotes a positive dental image. This character can appear in your promotional materials and in your interior design, and really define your office theme. With the help of professional designers and artists, go to the drawing-board and create your own cast of characters!

6. Color Scheming

Most dental offices default to whites or earth tones in their practice. While it’s a very clean and neutral look, those can be a bit mundane and typical.

There’s a psychology to color selection. Color scheming takes it up a notch by going with specific colors that elicit an emotional response from your patients.

For example, orange increases confidence and joy while reducing the feelings of loneliness or fatigue. Meanwhile, the color blue can bring feelings of calmness and serenity.

White isn’t the only color that promotes the sterile, clean environment you desire. Ask a design professional to suggest a color scheme to brighten your office and your patient’s mood.

7. Genre Fans

A genre theme creates an “immersive” experience for your patients, from outer space to underwater to a farm theme. It’s an out of the ordinary design that transports your patients to another world while experiencing the excellent care you deliver.

Genre themes create an engaging and memorable experience for your patients, which are especially popular in kid-friendly or pediatric clinics for reducing appointment anxiety.

8. Play and Stay

Kids want to play. And they’re more likely to engage with their dental appointments if you recognize this and make play options available.

Entertaining wait times and healthy distractions can help get some kids and families off-the-fence about a dental visit. Include safe, risk-free options to help kids and parents work off some of their energy (or anxiety) ahead of their appointment.

These dental office pictures represent being intentional about office design. Use them to spark ideas or adapt them for your new or upgraded design.


Check out these design-themed resources to upgrade or renew your patient experience:

How to Create a Dental Design Strategy That Enhances Patient Experience

6 Dental Office Images That Show How Intentional Design Impacts Patient Experience

Create a Memorable Patient Experience Through Dental Office Interior Design and Decor

Stand out from other service providers by providing a unique dental experience that’s influenced by your design choices.

  • Reduce patient anxiety and enhance their relaxation
  • Prime patients and families for their appointments
  • Create positive dental care experiences
  • Create “buzz” in the community you serve
  • Accelerate patient referrals
  • Generate positive online reviews

Contact Imagination Design Studios (IDS) to get started transforming your office from a mundane to magical patient experience.

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