Hollywood Landmark Mini Golf


Rainforest Reception with Radical Recreation Area

View of ocean themed hospital with sculpted whales, coral and underwater wall murals.

Dive into an Ocean Themed Children’s Hospital

Woodland themed reception desk with sculpted owls in a tree, mossy rock, animal characters and wall murals.

Adorable Baby Woodland Childcare Center

Zoo-themed kid's play area with custom tree bench seats, colorful wall murals, sculpted rock activity stations, play structure and soft-play climbable characters.

This Mall Play Area is a Trip to the Zoo

Cinematic themed waiting area with custom popcorn mascot photo-op character and bench seat.

Grab Your Tickets and Join Our Popcorn Mascot

Sculpted exterior woodland characters playing with a water hose

Forest Friend Signage for a Family Fun Spray Park

Jungle themed play area with wall murals, keebee play panels and sculpted tiki mask housing for game pad.

Straighten Up at the Jungle Themed Chiropractor

Seaside themed waiting area with colorful wall murals and sculpted lighthouse tower attached to driftwood bench seat

Sun & Sand is the Best Medicine at This Clinic

View of theater themed kid's waiting area with concession themed wall murals, sculpted hippo and zebra characters as well as custom bench seating.

Coming Soon to a Dental Office Near You

Cladded bench with a surrounding sandcastle themed structure and an overhanging red octopus

Medical Clinic Below the Sea Decor

Contemporary style, woodland-themed wall murals with deer, birds and squirrels.

Mountain Explorer Mall Play Area

Jungle themed wall murals. sculpted log bench seat and sculpted tree with foliage for a dental office reception area.

Jungle Adventure Awaits Kids at This Dental Office

Backyard themed play area with large central sculpted bee hive game panel kiosk and sculpted worm base sitting stools.

Mall Play Area Full of Giant Backyard Bugs

Candyland themed kid's play area with colorful wall murals and sculpted gingerbread house play structure with slide.

The Sweetest Dental Office Theme Around

A kids reading area with sculpted toadstool seats and bookworm mascot in front of a very large realistic tree with thick foliage

Wisdom Grows in This Tree-filled Library

Sculpted open-mouthed hippo character for outdoor mini golf course.

Grab Your Putter at This Zoo Mini Golf

View of cozy daycare room featuring a large, colorful wall mural of kids at play in a grassy back yard

Daycare with Cozy Backyard Decor

Cladded corner seating area with palm trees, a hanging monkey, and treasure chest behind.

Treasure Island Dental Office Play Area

Alice and wonderland room featuring 3D sculpture of spilling tea-cup, warped clock, playing card with 2D signage mural

Fall into a Wonderland Dental Office

Jungle themed 3D crocodile giving a haircut to a monkey as a red frog with hair stands by

Wild Haircuts for Jungle Critters at a Kids Hair Salon

Wild west themed reception desk with sculpted wood board cladding, cactus vegetation, wood barrel and a bull bursting out of the center.

Yeehaw, a Wild West Dental Office

A dental office waiting room equipped with woodland themed wall mural and sculpted, seated bear reading a book

Calming Contemporary Woodland Dental Office

View of jungle themed play area with grand 3D stone-faced archway framing gaming pad stations

Jungle Journey at a Pediatric Medical Clinic

Interior cladded bench seating between two large mossy trees with 3D photo op characters posed in the middle.

Bayou Theater and Medical Clinic Reception Area

Large humpback whale sculptures suspended from the ceiling with other friendly sea creatures

Shipwreck Themed Medical Heath Center

Bayou-themed play area with colorful wall murals, sculpted fox characters, tree stump stools and slide built into a tree

Bayou Inspired Medical Clinic Reception

Kid-friendly safari themed wall mural in a dental treatment room.

Safari Dental Treatment Rooms with IDS Essentials™

Library room prehistoric wall detail of 3D swimming saber-toothed tiger and fish

Travel Back in Time to a Prehistoric Library

Dental treatment bay themed with silhouette underwater murals and hanging 3D aquatic characters.

Contemporary Ocean Oasis Office Decor

Hallway lined with mural designed to look like a giant bookcase.

Once Upon a Time in a Book Themed Dental Office

Coral themed play slide with sculpted seal on top set against underwater themed wall murals.

Dive into an Aquatic Themed Autism Therapy Clinic

Woodland-themed entrance to a waiting room area decorated with 3D sculpted trees, 2D wall murals and faux window

Get Cozy in a Cabin in the Woods

Atlantis-themed treatment room featuring a contemporary underwater mural and ornate columns.

Ornate Atlantis Ortho Office Decor

Friendly photo-op giraffe character perched on a cladded turquois, blue, and brown jungle theme bench set against contemporary silhouette wall mural in turquoise palette

Silhouette Mural Jungle Hospital Play Area

Twighlight everglade-themed waiting area with calming sunset bayou wall murals, sculpted kid-friendly alligator character and reception desk with sculpted tree and underwater characters.

Twilight Everglade Themed Dental Clinic

Children's custom, globetrotting-themed reception desk.

Children’s Globetrotting Dental Office Decor

Full view of an underwater-themed area combining 3D sculpted coral elements with 2D silhouetted wall murals and a cladded bench seating area with a waving seal character

Deep Blue Underwater Themed Medical Clinic

A welcoming, open-armed 3D sculpted bear

A Trip into the Great Outdoors at a Dental Office

Colorful wooden crate bench with photo op sculpted flamingo character against a colorful safari-themed wall mural

Photo Ops for a Multi-Location Health Center

Cozy woodland themed entrance into a kid's play area with floor-to-ceiling sculpted tree and owl in the knothole. A sculpted goat character eats smores by a campfire. A colorful wall mural backdrop depicts a camp tent in the forest.

Cozy Woodland Campsite Playroom

A modern jungle reception area with a 3D grassy desk facade, a floor-to-ceiling tree bench centerpiece and sculpted lush green vines hanging off of a ceiling beam

Modern Jungle Decor Enhances This Sleek Office

Kid friendly whale, dolphin, and turtle characters hanging from the ceiling.

Whales Visit These Multi-Location Dental Offices

Sculpted faux rock wall with built in seating for childrens' hospital

Stunning Contemporary Sea Life in a Modern Hospital

Bayou themed custom wall mural in a medical office waiting room with sculpted bobcat sitting on a mossy rock

Have a Bayou Blast in This Community Medical Clinic

Woodland-themed mural with 3D cutout tree in a daycare room

Contemporary Woodland Children’s Hospital Decor

Jungle themed waiting area with colorful wall murals, custom sculpted mossy log bench seat and hippo character seated on rocks.

Swing Into a Jungle Dental Chair in Germany

Exterior landmark detail of a crashed spaceship and alien

A Galactic Athletic Dental Practice

Jungle, underwater themed kids waiting area in a pediatric dental office. The decor includes wall murals, mounted gaming tablets, 3D sculpted rock benches and column with a ceiling-mounted hippo character swimming below the water line.

Exciting Jungle River Adventure Dental Office

Custom bench row seats with sculpted dinosaur character holding a bag of popcorn in a kids theater area

Dino-Mite Dental Clinic Reception Area


Charming Bayou Themed Medical Clinic Play Area

Custom sculpted trees with sloth and chameleon characters in a hospital ER department

Contemporary Jungle Themed Pediatric Emergency Room

Farm themed reception desk area with barnyard cladding.

Mem-Moo-Rable Farm Themed Kids Dentistry

Custom, centerpiece circular bench seat with a sculpted tree in a woodland-themed waiting room.

Explore This National Park Themed Waiting Area

Kids shipwreck themed play area partitioned with sculpted ship walls

Hidden Pirate Treasure Pediatric Office

Ocean-themed kid's play area with colorful wall murals of swimming sea creatures and an enclosed space with sculpted shipwreck entrance and wall mounted play panels. creatures and an enclosed space with sculpted shipwreck and wall mounted play panels.

Shipwreck Playroom for an Underwater Themed Office

Musical mardi gras-themed waiting area with custom bench seating, sculpted animal characters and wall murals of animals playing instruments

Musical Mardi Gras Dental Decor

Underwater-themed play area with colorful wall murals, sculpted sea-themed characters and shipwreck cladding.

Deep Sea Decorated Play Area & Treatment Room

Dentist and patient looking at jungle-themed wall mural in pediatric dental practice.

IDS Essentials™ Jungle Office in Turkey

Undersea-themed reception area with colorful wall murals, custom bench seating, jellyfish lights, sculpted ocean characters, coral and seaweed.

Immersive Underwater Themed Dental Practice

Ocean-themed waiting area with colorful wall murals and large sculpted pirate ship play structure with slide and sculpted characters.

Stylish Ocean Themed Office in the UK

Kid's dental education area with custom buffalo sculpture, wagon, and teeth sculptures in dental office.

Educational Desert Critter Dental Office Play Area

Ocean-themed waiting area with underwater wall murals, large sculpted swimming whale and sea creatures emerging from the ceiling

Calming Ocean Themed Surgery Recovery Room

Old-timey, baseball-themed waiting area with wall murals and umpire sculpture game pad station.

Old-timey Baseball Themed Dental Office

Waiting area with large photo-op sculpted ring master elephant character and colorful carnival themed wall murals

Carnival Themed Multi-Location Dental Clinics

Friendly bayou-themed I spy wall murals and gaming pads with kids corner sculpted tree entrance to play area with play panels.

Friendly Bayou Medical Waiting Room

Pediatric waiting room with sculpted cabin and woodland bear and raccoon characters.

Cozy Woodland Office with Silhouette Murals

Shipwreck themed play area with sculpted sunken ship entrance and orca whale suspended from the ceiling.

Sunken Shipwreck Children’s Play Area

Photo-op bench in kid's dental office featuring crocodile, manatee, and otter characters.

Otter and Manatee River Themed Office

Comical, hallway ceiling sculpture of fox slipping from a tree trunk while a bear steals honey from a beehive.

Woodland Critters in Benco Design Showroom

Hollywood cinema-themed pediatric dental brushing station with custom red carpet wall murals and sculpted beaver awards host character.

Cinema Themed Show-Stopping Decor

Contemporary kid's park-themed wall murals for a kid's playroom with wall mounted gaming pads.

Contemporary Park Themed Playroom Decor

Whimsical, colorful wall mural and sculpture of an elephant driving a firetruck.

Whimsical Tooth Town Office Theming

Entrance to a kid's play area with undersea-themed wall mural and sculpted yellow submarine wall cladding.

Underwater Submarine Pediatric Play Area

Savannah-themed wall murals, sculpted hippo character wearing medical scrubs and contemporary trees for children's hospital unit desk.

Savannah Children’s Hospital Theming

Waiting room with forest animal murals blended with sculpted stone castle wall cladding.

Ancient Woodland Dental Clinic Decor

Medieval castle-themed reception area with sculpted stone cladding, animal characters and mushrooms. A sculpted scroll style 'welcome' banner hangs down over the desk.

Medieval Sports Tournament Themed Dental Office

Bayou-themed reception desk with colorful wall murals, sculpted tree and animal characters.

Wetland Wonder Bayou Office Decor

Cute, sculpted baby dragons on a magical beanstalk reaching through the clouds.

Magical Dragon Dental Office Mascots

Jungle-themed bamboo murals on a pediatric medical facility unit desk.

Friendly Jungle Theming in a Children’s Hospital Wing

Beach-themed optometry clinic with sand-castle kids play structure topped with a seal that is wearing glasses

Surfin’ Turtle Beach Themed Optometry Clinics

Jungle-themed kid's play area with wall murals and sculpted orangutan character eating bananas on a stack of crates with built-in gaming station. A sculpted, photo-op hippo reads a storybook to a baby hippo on a custom bench seat.

Meet the King of the Jungle at this UK Dental Office

Beach-themed reception desk area with wall murals and sculpted turtle characters on the sandy beach with fun directional sign post.

The Coast is Clear at This Shoreline Themed Office

Noah's ark themed kid's theater entrance.

Two Tickets to This Ark Themed Movie Theater

Arctic-themed reception desk with sculpted details of penguin and polar bear characters playing in glacial waters.

Sub Zero Winter Themed Children’s Dental Office

Garden-themed kid's area with wall murals and sculpted, woodshed cladding with fact signs. Interactive learning stations encourage kid's dental education.

Dental Education Garden Theme Reception Area

Detailed view of treehouse sculpture with foliage and a squirrel character flying a kite from the wood deck.

Treemendous Tree House Reception Area

Magical dragons in an enchanted forest wall mural

Magical Panda Adventure Dental Office

Zen-themed waiting area with wall murals, sculpted bamboo and panda characters.

Calming Zen Themed Panda Office Decor

Woodland-themed waiting area with sculpted characters and rocks with a contemporary silhouette wall murals.

Visit a National Park in This Nature Themed Office

Enchanted forest-themed kid's play area with colorful wall murals, mounted game pads, sculpted mushroom stool seats and decorative toadstool house.

Magical Tooth Fairy Forest Play Room

A waiting room with custom anime mechanical robo mascots on wall murals and in 3D sculptured characters for a pediatric dental office.

Anime Mech Robo Mascots Battle in Dental Office

A safari tent-themed kid's playroom with wall murals, sculpted animal characters, cushioned crate seats, a play structure with slide and wall mounted game pads.

Safari Adventure Theming in Private Play Room

Entrance into an undersea, shipwreck-themed reception area with sculpted coral, seaweed and wood board 'welcome' sign. Themed wall murals, sculpted characters and custom centerpiece bench with shipwreck wall cladding add to the decor.

Deep Sea Adventure Pediatric Medical Clinic

A space-themed reception area with wall murals and cladding made to look like the interior of a spaceship. A photo op sculpted alien greets visitors and a 3D sculpted alien and spaceship tops the reception desk.

Space Base Theming in Reception and Play Area

Safari-themed dental treatment area with colorful wall murals and brushing station with sculpted tiger character mirror.

Colorful Safari Pediatric Dental Office

Noah's ark themed reception desk area with wall murals, sculpted animal pairs and ark wood cladding. A large pair of giraffes extend from the exterior to the interior side of a window.

Noah’s Ark and Animal Office Decor

Beach-themed kid's waiting area with custom sculpted lighthouse and circular bench, sculpted sandcastle play structure with slide and colorful wall murals.

Sandy Beach Reception Area

Underwater themed waiting area with sculpted shipwreck walls and octopus scuba diver character.

Kids Can Make a Splash in This Ocean Office

Custom U.F.O with alien character bursting through the wall of space-themed dental office.

Blast Off to This Alien Spaceship Office

Beach themed kid's gaming area with colorful wall murals, sand bucket shaped stools and sculpted sand wood pier and surfboard room divider with gaming pads installed onto the surfboards.

Sunny Beach Themed Reception Area

Sculpted, corner tree bookshelf and custom sculpted log bench seat in a dental office waiting room.

Tour Around a Town Themed Dental Office

Winter-themed reception area featuring a sculpture of dogs sledding down a snowbank next to a tree.

Doggy Winter Adventure Reception Area

Custom, sculpted treehouse in dental treatment room.

Whimsical Elephant Fantasy Dental Office

Custom, sculpted waterfall bench seat with a pug dog in a barrel going over the falls. A gaming pad is mounted on the rock face.

Pugs in the Jungle Dental Office

Dental office reception area with ocean-themed wall murals, window murals and sculpted coral reef and shipwreck cladding on the reception desk and ceiling area.

Pug-Tastic Undersea Scuba Adventure Dental Office

Beach-themed waiting area with sculpted wave, surfing pug dog and wall-mounted gaming pads, a sandcastle prize tower and surf-shack snack station.

Pugs Having Fun in the Sun Dental Office

Large landmark jungle bust out characters smashing out of building with a zebra striped vehicle

Smashing Jungle Dental Office Decor

Jungle-safari themed reception area with wall murals, sculpted ziplining jungle characters, a photo-op elephant on a crate with tiki-hut style reception desk.

Safari Theming with an Animal Zipline

Custom bench seat attached to tree with friendly leopard peeking out of a hole. Game pads are mounted on to the tree and the jungle-themed wall mural behind it is designed in a beautiful, calming silhouette style with green color variations.

Bamboo Jungle Reception and Play Area

Ocean-themed reception/play area with underwater wall murals and sculpted shipwreck room divider. The desk has sculpted pier posts and beach sand cladding. A custom cushion seat with coral and wood barrel base sits off to the side and sculpted sea creatures are suspended from the ceiling.

An Ocean of Smiles Undersea Office Decor

Large, sculpted jungle characters in a crashed plane stuck in a tree.

Crash! Bang! Stranded in the Aztec Jungle

Kid's theater with backyard-themed wall murals, custom sculpted log seats

Cozy Backyard Theme in Pediatric Office

Overview photo of barn animal themed waiting area including 3D sculpted horse in a hammock, cows, pigs and chickens in wood barn loft rafters

A Moo-Zing Farm Themed Dental Office

Space-themed photo-up sculpture of an astronaut and alien reading the paper while seated on a bench.

Space Exploration Activity Children’s Office

Jungle themed waiting area with wall murals and sculpted tree, vines and jungle characters. The reception desk has sculpted cladding of stone, tiger, rhino and flamingos.

Jungle Hut Pediatric Dental and Ortho Office

Cabinet murals in a construction site themed orthodontic treatment bay

Ortho Treatment Area Themed like a Construction Site

A magical castle-themed room with sculpted faux stone walls a king's throne and wall murals.

Ronald McDonald House Castle Themed Magic Room

Train station themed waiting room

Next Stop at the Train Office: Healthy Teeth

Underwater, Atlantis themed wall murals with sculptures of a mermaid and dolphin swimming down from the ceiling.

Discover Atlantis in This Ocean Dental Office

Custom, sculpted baseball character

Bobble Head Baseball Waiting Room Decor

A detailed view of a sculpted crawfish character playing the banjo

Musical Bayou Dental Office Theme

Swimming sea creatures and a scuba diver suspended from the ceiling

Land & Sea Themed Multi-Location Pediatric Office

Bayou-marshland themed reception desk area with wall murals and 3D cladding of wood boards, trees, turtles, signage and an alligator

Twilight Falls on This Marshland Office

Playful jungle-themed dental office with wall murals, 3D clad reception desk and view of a large hot air balloon sculpture hanging from the ceiling. A comical viewpoint shows an elephant bursting through the bottom of the basket

A Whimsical Balloon Adventure Office

Magical fairyland themed waiting area with colorful wall murals, sculpted superhero mascot characters and custom rock base bench seats.

Magical Fairyland Dental Office

Superhero space fantasyland pediatric dental office waiting area with cushioned seat benches, 3D characters and toadstool mushroom game pad kiosk next to a prize corner

Superhero Space Fantasyland Dental and Ortho Office

A gaming wall with 3 tablets on a white picket fence and a mural of a backyard with tree and tire swing.

Realistic Backyard Themed Office Decor

Realistic jungle-themed reception area with 2 sculpted floor-to-ceiling trees and a monkey sitting in the leafy branch

Realistic Jungle Orthodontic Office Decor

A magical castle themed waiting area with a large sculpted, fire-breathing dragon roasting another dragon's marshmallows as they are surrounded by faux castle towers and walls

Magical Castle Themed Office Full of Dragons

A beach-themed reception desk area with focus on a seagull bursting out of the top window of a large 3D sculpted sandcastle

Life’s a Beach at This Seaside Themed Office

Kids play area with a large feature of sculpted characters driving a jeep down a waterfall

A Prehistoric Dinosaur Dental Office Adventure

Colorful, whimsical I-spy jungle mural in pediatric waiting room

Whimsical Fantasy Jungle Dental Reception Murals

3D character of a firefighter and pole

Firefighter Pole Themed Ortho Office Entrance

Magical castle-themed reception desk with sculpted cladding of stone castle archway windows, towers, book stacks with wizard and dragon characters mounted on the ceiling and made to look like they are emerging from the clouds.

Magical Wizard’s Castle Themed Children’s Dental Office

Safari-themed gaming kiosk area with sculpted jeep and animal characters blending with wall murals.

Safari Road Trip Themed Kids Play Room


Safari Tent Savannah Dental Office Decor

Woodland-themed office waiting room with custom log benches, sculpted beaver characters and faux window wall murals featuring woodland scenes.

Forest Friends Woodland Waiting Areas

Underwater manatee river themed dental office with colorful wall murals, sculpted pier posts, manatee and fishing seagull.

Manatee River Themed Dental Office Decor

Themed reception area with sculpted tree desk area, woodland wall murals and corner bench seat with tree trunk and squirrel.

Squirrely Woodland Themed Reception Area

Spaceship themed kid's bedroom

Make-a-Wish Special Project

Sculpted football player eagle mascot.

Football Stadium Themed Waiting Room

Comical reception desk with sculpted cladding of squished, jungle characters.

Marine & Jungle Themes Collide in This Dental Office

Huge, landmark, beach-themed sculpture of multiple animal mascots surfing and driving a jeep through a waterfall and appearing as though they are bursting through a dental office exterior wall.

South Pacific Themed Undersea Office Decor

View of sculpted flying pig characters playing musical instruments suspended from the ceiling in a barnyard themed room.

Ronald McDonald House Barn Themed Magic Room

Giant, sculpted exterior pirate octopus character looking through a spy glass at the front of a pirate ship.

Sunken Pirate Ship Dental Office

Custom, beach-themed reception area with wall murals. The reception desk has sculpted cladding of sandcastles and beach seals with a large palm tree to the side.

California Themed Local Landmark Dental Office Decor

Kids in beach-themed pediatric waiting room with surfboard shaped gaming units, custom murals and 3D sculpted characters.

A Story Book Comes to Life in this Dental Practice

Large exterior landmark characters of an adventuring elephant and tiger riding rapids

Make a Splash in This Jungle Adventure Dental Office

Open treatment bay area with sculpted jungle tree and branches overhead filled with colorful sculpted parrots.

Ortho Office with Realistic Sculpted Jungle Decor

Sculpted, construction worker characters appearing to do various tasks around an orthodontist office

Construction Worker Ortho Reception Area

Giant exterior, landmark octopus sculpture wearing a scuba mask on the rooftop of a kids dental office

Undersea & Dinosaur Combo Dental Office

Large exterior landmark sculpture of an elephant driving a jeep with a gorilla seated on its head, bursting through the side of a building

A Jungle Dental Office with Impact

Custom, sculpted sports themed jungle animals on top of entrance ways in a pediatric office

Sports & Jungle Themed Dental Office

Space-themed play area with 3D rockets housing game panels

Where No Toothbrush Has Gone Before Space Office



Whether you want a space is filled with playful characters for children or a more sophisticated look with contemporary murals, we have a theming solution for you.

Contact an IDS Creative Consultant today and unlock the limitless possibilities for your business.



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