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Imagination Design Studios (formerly Imagination Dental Solutions) is a design and fabrication studio. Our artists and engineers create custom-themed environments that make visits to your facility enjoyable and stress-free for your young visitors and their families.

In 2007, after working in the theme park design industry, best friends Dave Nolan, an artist, and Andrew Hulbert, an engineer, created a company that would cater to businesses that serve children and families. IDS was formed, combining their creative talents with a passion for helping children feel comfortable and welcomed.

With over 600 themed projects in dental offices, hospitals, optometry clinics, daycares, malls, and hospitality spaces, IDS is the only theming company with 15 years of specialized experience in serving family-centric businesses.

What is Office Theming?

Office theming is the magical transformation of a regular office into a kid-friendly environment with the addition of playful murals, engaging 3D decor, and interactive gaming.

The 3 Ways Your Office Will Benefit from Themed Decor


Your patient’s anxiety is reduced with friendly distractions.

You value children and want to set them up for a lifetime of positive health outcomes. For kids with overwhelming appointment anxiety, it can be hard to know if you’re doing enough to make them feel comfortable. At IDS, we want to help you not only reduce their appointment anxiety but have them look forward to their appointments!

A themed environment helps reduce anxiety and relax patients, making them better primed for their appointments. Kids are excited to visit a themed office making it easier for you to provide them with a foundation for good health.

Dr. Clyde Maxwell, an IDS customer with two themed offices, asks:

What are you trying to achieve with your practice? Are you trying to create the best patient experience possible? Theming is an investment that is going to have a lifetime effect on your young patients.

– Dr. Clyde Maxwell


Your marketing efforts will improve with eye-catching themed decor.

We believe you don’t need a business degree to grow your practice. With the help of IDS, achieving a competitive edge for your business is easy. Themed offices naturally create their own word-of-mouth advertising. You’ll see this happen in the form of positive referrals, social media shares, and great Google reviews from patients, parents, and the community. With each recommendation, you’ll watch your business grow.

Dr. Chuck Hughes tracked his new patients after theming his office with IDS:


I would have been happy had my new investment in IDS been responsible for 50% of the new patients tracked. You could have knocked me over with a feather when the results came in after six months… a full 94% of people surveyed cited the exterior theming!!

– Dr. Chuck Hughes


You will find it easier to attract and retain staff with a fun environment.

It’s not just about your patients, it’s about your staff as well. Day-to-day, the office is where dentists, doctors, and their support staff will spend the majority of their time. That means you and your current staff will also appreciate a beautiful space that is fun to come to every day. As an additional bonus, a well designed, themed office will even help you attract, and retain, a skilled and happy team.

Great decor creates an amazing environment for your patients, their families, and your staff.

Mawish Baber, the operations manager at a specialized clinic for kids wellness said:


Hiring pediatricians is no longer a challenge – once they set foot in the facility they want to work here because the decor speaks to our philosophy and dedication to helping kids.

– Mawish Baber

3 Steps from Mundane to Magical

1. Imagine

Explore the possibilities during a free design consultation.


Design your dream office collaboratively with our expert creative team.


Reveal your magical new office and build excitement in the community.


When you begin your project with Imagination Design Studios, you are involved in the process every step of the way. From choosing rough sketches to selecting colors, you will be presented with several stages of approvals. Your build process is overseen by our expert project managers, with each stage carried out by our skilled artists. You’ll even receive photo updates to watch your office come to life.

  • Concept Illustration
  • Mural Design & Graphics
  • Large Format Printing
  • 3D Computer Modeling
  • Structural Engineering/CAD
  • CNC Machining

IDS will take care of your project from start to finish. Upon completion, your decor will arrive carefully packed and ready for installation by our team of talented installers. While they do all the heavy lifting (literally), and you can focus on enjoying your amazing new dream office.

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Carpentry
  • Sculpting & Molding
  • Painting & Finishing
  • Project Management
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Installations

Meet the IDS Team

Dave Nolan


Andrew Hulbert


Carol Nolan


Elizabeth Roney


Erin Blondin


Stacy Massey


Lindsay Sheldrake



CTO (Chief Treat Officer)

Our Facilities

Head Office and Sales Center

24,000 sq/ft facility in Calgary, Alberta

This is where the IDS Team hangs out. We can ship anywhere in the United States and Canada from our location in Canada. Our northern location is very jealous of the palm trees at the Florida branch.

Manufacturing Facility

20,000 sq/ft manufacturing facility in Pompano Beach, Florida

We have been very busy creating offices all across North America, so opening a second production studio has become a necessity to help serve you better. We have you covered from top to bottom!

Proudly Made in North America

Imagination Design Studios has a reputation for producing high-quality products, but did you know that these products are proudly made in the US and Canada?


All of our work is hand-sculpted and hand-painted from custom designs that are produced in-house. We assure you that all of our decor products are made to a consistent level of quality and durability that is unmatched in the industry. We maintain relationships with other local suppliers in North America who share our value system of responsible manufacturing.

Our products are manufactured in our very own facilities located in Alberta and Florida. This means that we can maintain a superior level of quality while using materials that we know to be safe and durable. In addition, our staff of engineers and designers accommodate all universal requirements for accessibility and safety.

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