You can unlock the hidden value in any practice by transforming real estate into your most valuable marketing asset.

IDS family-friendly spaces and exterior landmarks are strategically designed to:

Make online reviews more impactful.
Promote social endorsement from parents.
Create buzz in the community.
Build trust and improve recall.
Elevate the patient experience.
Drive new patient referrals.

Not Just De Novo Builds

Creating memorable spaces does not require a new build – we are experts at enhancing existing spaces through the use of themed murals, decor, and interactive gaming.

This means that enhancing your locations to look like new can be achieved without the interruptions of construction and remodeling.

See how these existing spaces have been transformed into welcoming environments for children!

The 3 Biggest Benefits of Family-Friendly Decor

We get it – you care deeply about the experience kids have while in the care of your team, while at the same time want to build a thriving business. By placing engagement at the center of all we do, IDS allows you to balance both by delivering benefits for your patients and bottom line alike.


IDS clients consistently report that it’s a win-win-win:

Connect with a Creative Consultant today and explore the possibilities.


Download the IDS Essentials™ Product Guide

We have curated a collection of our most popular products and themes. Pre-designed, repeatable, and made with the same quality as our custom pieces, the IDS Essentials™ Collection is an easy way to themed multiple locations with matching products. Check out our product guide with inspiring ideas of how to use these fun, colorful products in youroffices.


What IDS Clients Are Saying About Theming

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Dr. Derek Thompson Dentist, Owner of 7 Themed Offices

When we opened after installing the octopus on our roof we were seeing up to 59 new patients a day.

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Dr. Jenni Burkitt Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

When we first moved in, I had a goal of achieving $1.2m in revenue and we met that. This year, we are on target to achieve $2m in revenue and I credit the theming with bringing in that additional $800,000.

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Dr. Kami Hoss Dentist, Owner of 6 Themed Offices

With IDS, we create an experience that kids really enjoy so parents keep bringing them back. If you look at Disneyland, people establish emotional attachments to the characters... we set out to offer that same experience.

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Dr. Jed Snatic Dentist, Owner of 2 Themed Offices

After adding the train play area to our waiting room, in one year we’ve gone from a startup, to full-on busy. I am sure we’ll have too many patients within 2 to 3 years.

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Dr. Joe Nguyen Dentist, Owner of 3 Themed Offices

Investing in an awesome office is far better than any advertising I could purchase. It’s a really safe investment - you’ll get your return. Don’t hesitate, it’s worth every penny.

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Dr. Max Dentist, Owner of 3 Themed Offices

By utilizing theming and patient engagement we are gaining 250 new patients a month with almost no additional external marketing.

Over 550 Projects and Two Decades of Proven Success

IDS is a trusted go-to partner for creating imaginative environments that delight existing customers while attracting new ones. We have helped child-centric businesses in 11 countries all over the world, including dental offices, pediatric healthcare facilities, early education centers, childcare providers, museums, shopping malls, and even airports.

IDS and our team bring over two decades of experience to every project. Whether you need a completely custom-themed environment or just a few murals and decor from the IDS Essentials™ Collection, you can count on IDS to add innovative solutions to your environment that are engineered for durability and entertainment.

Your Exceptional Care Paired with an Exceptional IDS Environment is a Winning Combination

If attracting more families is apart of your growth strategy, connect with us to learn how we can help.

After all, you can’t spell KIDS without IDS!