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Accessories: Additive feature(s) that can make something easier to use, or enhance its look.

Acrylic: Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. You will see this used in our floating water panels.

Anthropomorphism: Adding the attributes of human characteristics or behavior to an animal. Like a hippo paddling a canoe in a safari outfit!

Arcade: An amusement center with both digital and physical games for children and adults to enjoy.

Art: The product of the application of creative skills exercised to create visual, written, or verbal forms of expression (i.e. a painting, poem, or melody). At IDS our artists use their skills to imagine and create in the forms of drawing, digital design, 3D printing, sculpting, molding, and painting.

Artificial Foliage: Plants and leaves made out of silk or plastic.

Asset Library (Murals): A group of pre-drawn illustrations that IDS muralists can combine together to create a scene, including characters, foliage, and background landscapes.


Benches: A long or round seat without a back or arms. Benches are a seating solution that accommodates multiple spots for guests to sit on at the same time. IDS benches are a wonderful way to give guests a front-row seat to take in the amazement themed spaces have to offer. Themed benches mix fun with function by providing necessary seating by adding some adventure to your waiting area.

Brand Activations: A series of efforts that are deployed with the goal of increasing brand awareness by encouraging consumer engagement.

Brand Experience: How a customer feels about your brand before, during, and after their interactions with you. (i.e. the waiting room has cozy chairs that remind them of home).

Brushing Mirror: A mirror set up at tooth brushing station for patients to learn how to properly take care of their teeth with the help of hygienists/doctors. At IDS we design character themed brushing mirrors so kids can brush with a buddy.

Brushing Station: A dedicated patient tooth brushing station in a dental office. Brushing can be made fun with IDS smiling character-themed mirrors and/or colorful wall murals.

Brushing Buddies: A 3D themed standalone character or characterized mirror that enhances a pediatric dental brushing station. Adding a brushing buddy to a space such as a cute fish holding a toothbrush, or a grinning alligator head with the mirror inside its mouth can make brushing extra fun.

Bulk Head: A section of the ceiling that is dropped and enclosed providing a convenient space for signage and wayfinding. This is often seen above reception desks.

Bust Outs: A theming technique used by IDS to make it look like the 3D sculpture is coming out of your building (drywall, exterior siding, etc.) with cracked glass or wall graphics, or sculpted broken drywall or bricks.


Car Wrap: Car wrapping or vehicle wrapping high visibility and long-wearing form of advertising as well as protection for your vehicle. Vinyl graphics are applied to the exterior body of the vehicle. Eye-catching wraps can transform your vehicle and make you stand out in traffic.

Ceiling Friends: Slang term used for the IDS Smile Tile characters that look down from ceilings.

Check-in Desk/Check-in Station: A digitally automated check-in console that guests can check in at instead of with a receptionist and be guided on where to go. Self-check-in stations serve as another great way to create a fun first impression through creative theming of small desks, standalone stations, or built-in wall units.

Children’s Play Area: A playground, room, or corner that is designed to provide an environment for children that facilitates play.

Cladding: The application of a desired material over a chosen surface. At IDS we clad existing surfaces with a variety of themed materials that transforms mundane objects or spaces into a magical resemblance of a desired characteristic. Ex. a bench cladded to look like a mossy rock, a plain wall cladded to look like a stone castle wall.

Construction Schedule: Before moving ahead with a project through IDS, we will ask about your construction schedule – when drywall will be hung, the opening date of the office, etc.

Custom Designs: Unique, made-to-order concepts that are created to fit your specific space, budget size, and ideas. Can be adapted into anything from 3D characters, wall murals, signage, stools and benches, and so much more.


De Novo Builds: De novo is Latin for from the beginning. A de novo build is a Dental Service Organization that is built from the ground up.

Decals: Designs prepared on an adhesive material that can be applied to a variety of surfaces from walls, windows, doors, or vehicles as a decorative addition. At IDS our decal designs range from child-friendly to contemporary in style, bringing a space to life with their captivating detail.

Decor: Furnishing or decoration that fills and embellishes a room creating a specific atmosphere.

Decorations: A thing that serves as an ornament to enrich or beautify a space. To IDS, the fabrication of decoration serves to bring to life an envisioned themed environment (i.e. a tropical jungle island with pirates and gold).

Dentist Office Design: A dental office needs a thoughtful design of flow throughout the space for functionality and patient satisfaction. At IDS we use our creative design process to take this functionality and patient satisfaction to the next level with out-of-this-world themed decor elements.

Design: A graphic plan that showcases the function, look, and workings of a future project.

Desk Cladding: The application of a desired material to accentuate a reception desk. Desk cladding is the perfect welcoming addition to a business’s foyer.

DSOs: DSO stands for Dental Support Organizations. These organizations are entities that dental practice owners contract with to manage the administrative, marketing and, business sides of their business. These corporate organizations will own anywhere from 10-1000 locations.


Education Center: An interactive activity space or room that allows kids to learn by using their hands. IDS education stations fill a room with engaging educational activities.

Education Stations: An interactive station that allows kids to learn by using their hands. IDS education stations are often giant-sized replicas of teeth that allow children to learn how to brush and floss, or observe cavities vs healthy teeth.

Embellishments: Decorative details or features added to something to make it more extravagant.

Environmental Branding: The application of a brand’s identity and character to a physical space, helping that brand connect in a unique way with those clients who experience it.

IDS Essentials™: A cost effect theming solution provided by IDS. A collection of predesigned products, chosen from our best selling products in our most popular themes.

Exam Room: A private working space designated to perform dental or medical examinations.

Experiential Design: Art designed to involve the observer through interaction, such as a photo op. Experiential art tells a story and can communicate a desired message throughout a space.

Exterior Decoration: Head-turning decor on the exterior of your building that signals to the world that you are a destination that promises a fun experience for all who visit. Landmarks and signs are examples of exterior decorations you can add to your building.


Fabrication: The process of manufacturing a product. At IDS we fabricate our 3D decor out of foam and steel armatures, which is then is covered in a durable hard coat, and is finalized with embellishing paint. Learn more about our fabrication process.

Family-friendly: Welcoming towards or suitable for families with children.

Faux Window: A mural graphic designed to look like a window, with a frame, characters, and scenery.

Fiberglass: A composition of a glass fiber resin mixture that creates a reinforced plastic material.

Figurines: A small, three-dimensional sculpture that represents a character or object.

Foam: All of our 3D decor is carved from a base of lightweight, polystyrene foam, with steel and an extra hard coat to give it durability.

Flat Back Sculpt: A sculpture with a flat side that allows it to be placed against a wall or other flat surface.

Foyer: An entrance hall or other open area in a building used by the public.


Game Stations: Designated stations where kids can play on a gaming console. Whether you want an entire sculpted wall, themed stand-alone towers, or systems that are wall mounted with a mural backdrop, you can create an immersive gaming experience within your space.

Games & Activities: A form of digital or physical entertainment that involves a series of knowledge, skill, or chance to complete the exercise. At IDS we incorporate video games, play panels, and slides into our themed decor.

Graphics: An artistic visual design or illustration. Graphics may refer to printed decals, signs, and murals.

Group Practice: A group of dentists or doctors who have partnered together and own anywhere from 1-10 practices. May include specialists in different fields.


IDS Environments™: Fully themed, custom environments that can transform entire business spaces from floor to ceiling, inside and out. Themed environments can turn everyday spaces into a destination.

IDS Essentials™: Individual pre-designed decorative elements that will provide a pop of creativity to any room. Mix and match products from our 6 most popular themes.

IDS Spaces™: A themed room or designated area that is designed just for kids to keep them entertained and relaxed. Themed spaces are fully customizable and add an engaging outlet to any family-friendly business.

Interactive Learning: An alternative teaching approach/method that engages the learner with hands on activity. Interactive learning has a deeper impact than passive listening as it immerses the student into the lesson.

Interior Decor: The items inside a commercial space or home like pillows, chairs, accessories, etc. that serve to fill and enhance the look and feel of the space. Interior decor has the power to transform the feeling of a space and can influence a visitors perception on who you or your brand are.

Interior Design: The process of designing the interior look of a room or building (i.e. flooring, layouts, architecture).

I Spy Mural (eye spy): “I spy with my little eye…” a picture find game.


Kid-focused: A space that is oriented towards kids and is outfitted to suit their needs, interests, or safety.

Kid-friendly: Welcoming towards or suitable for children.

Kids Clubs: A designated area or environment for children to play.

Kidz: Informal spelling/common slang word for “kids”. The word “kidz” is used frequently between our IDS staff and clients, as well as to name dedicated play spaces to communicate a desirable, fun, and fresh message to our clients’ guests.


Landmarks: An object or feature of an area that is easily seen and recognized from a distance, especially one that enables someone to establish their location. IDS Landmarks are large theming elements added to the exterior of your business that serve to get your brand noticed. Exterior theming will attract new business and get the community talking about you.

Life-sized Characters: 3D characters fabricated out of foam and a durable hard coat that are sized similar to their real-life counterparts.


Mascots: A person, character, or thing that is a representation of an organization. A mascot will personify a brand and communicate an organization’s values to the community and has the power to invoke a sense of belonging or resignation to that institution.

Minimalistic Mural: A mural designed with a clean and stylish aesthetic through a use of sophisticated color palettes and geometric 3D sculptures. Minimalist murals are curated to harmonize seamlessly with any chosen space.

Models, 3D: Three dimensional digital representation of an object created with specialized software by manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons in a simulated 3D space. A prototype of a working product.

Monument: A structure that is specially designed to preserve a memory or to commemorate a person or event.

Monumental: Great in importance, extent, or size.

Movie Theaters: A dedicated building or area optimized for seating an audience to show a movie on a large screen. Our themed theaters are great for delivering engaging entertainment and are designed for the whole family to enjoy. Children will love the fun, themed environment and parents will be happy with the utilization of the space to create a fun yet educational environment their kids are keen to enjoy.

Mural Cut Line: A mural with a organic finishing edge, such as the shape of a wave at the top, or a tree on a vertical edge.

Mural Layout: A digitized version of a mural showing the size and scale compared to wall height and cabinet placement.


Operatory: A working space optimized to perform dental surgery.


Parketing: Marketing opportunity created by wrapping a vehicle with advertising graphics and parking it in popular locations.

Patient Anxiety: Tension and worry surrounding an upcoming appointment or procedure with a medical professional. At IDS we design kid-friendly spaces to mitigate apprehension and work to create positive experiences in common anxiety inducing environments with magical themed decor.

Patient Experience: The experiences and interactions that guests encounter when they interact with your business. Patient experience can be elevated with magical themed IDS decor, designed to enhance your guests’ time in your space.

Patient Retention: The number of patients who continue to return to your business time after time and consider your services their #1 option.

Patient Satisfaction: The amount of fulfillment that guests feel after visiting your business.

Peel and Stick: Adhesive vinyl material with a protective backing ready to be peeled off and applied to a desired surface. At IDS our peel and stick graphics can be anything from small decals to entire wall murals.

Photo Opportunities: A planned or accidental perfect opportunity to snap a photograph with a person, place, or thing. At IDS our photo opportunity creations are 3D characters or scenes that are designed specially to provide visitors with something irresistible to share, helping any business’s brand reach new audiences on social media every day.

Play Areas: A designated area or environment for children to play in. Whether it’s for the babysitting service at a family resort or a kids-centric play area at a mall, IDS utilizes our creative theming talents to create memorable spaces that are equal parts fun and functional. Play areas can include anything from gaming systems, hands-on play panels, play structures, themed slides, and more.

Play Panels: Wall mounted hands-on play stations with interactive designs and challenges for kids to play with, such as the play panels created by Keebee.

Play Structures: A specially designed stand alone structure designed for kids to play in. At IDS we create specialty-themed play structures that are just for kids.

Playground: An outdoor area provided for children to play in.

Pony Wall: A short wall that only extends halfway from the floor to ceiling, often used in play areas and to guide guests from an entrance to a greeting area.

Portfolio Book: A book constructed to showcase past completed work for new and potential clients to review.

Pre-designed Murals: Our IDS library of illustrated murals ready for you to pick and go. Each mural can be custom fitted to a desired surface to be used.

Project Manager: The project manager handles the entire management of the construction project. They oversee project deliverables, schedules, and budgets.

Props: Decor object that is intended to be used to heighten the realness of a situation, such as a stage play or movie. Prop is a slang term used to refer to 3D sculptures added to theme a space.

Public Art: Any form of media that is designed and displayed for public consumption.


Realism: The accurate, detailed depiction of an object through sculpture.

Reception Desks: A desk that sits through the front doors of a business where the receptionist greets and checks in guests for their visit. Custom-themed kid-friendly reception desks make an incredible first impression by delighting guests with show-shopping graphics and 3D features.

Relief: A type of sculpture that projects from the background surface on which it is carved. If is not full 3D, but appears as a more flattened version of a fully 3D work, giving the viewer the illusion of seeing a full character.

Renovation: Total or partial upgrading of a facility to higher standards of quality or efficiency.

Resin: Resin is a versatile plastic substance that can be used for a multitude of purposes, including giant clear dew drops on our sculpted leaves and mushrooms.

RFP or Request for Proposal: A document request to vendors to obtain an overview of their costs and offerings for specific services.

ROI or Return on Investment: A performance measure used to evaluate the success or efficiency of a business investment. At IDS our clients see the ROI from theming by their raising client rates, patient loyalty, and staff and patient satisfaction.


Scope of Work (SOW): An outline and description of work that is to be performed under a job contract. IDS clients will receive a scope of work for their project that includes mural layouts, 3D placement, colors, foliage, and fabric choices.

Scope Changes: A change to the written and agreed upon scope of work requested by the customer resulting from unanticipated occurrences during the project. Scope changes may or may not involve a change in project cost or time on a change order.

Sculpture: Art created through the process of carving, modeling, or welding products into three-dimensional pieces.

Share-worthy: A person, place, or thing that is so irresistible you can’t help but share the news of it with others via word of mouth or social media.

Signage or Signs: Plaques used to establish branding and provide wayfinding throughout a business space. Help guests find their way and ensure your business stands out with eye-catching, award-winning interior and exterior signage created by IDS.

Silhouette Mural: Silhouette murals are a calming alternative to intricate mural illustrations featuring the outline of an object filled in with a solid color. They utilize a simplistic color palette that creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that appeals to a wide age range.

Slides: A sturdy and safe slide structure creatively designed with a theme for kids to burn off energy by climbing and playing on (i.e. a slide coming out of a tree fort).

Smile Tile: Sculpted animal characters that peer down from the ceiling in treatment areas, usually installed in a ceiling tile.

Staff Retention: The ability for a business to retain top tier talent by creating a desirable and healthy workplace for staff to work in.

Statue: Life-size or larger carving or cast of a person, character, or thing made to showcase and celebrate.

Stock Characters: Standard, or popular characters displayed through digital images.

Stools: A seat without a back or arms. IDS stools can be completely customized and sized for children and adults, and bring a sense of adventure into any space with creative designs.

Social Proof: Consumers and clients who have found benefit in your business services and have shared it with their peers through a public digital platform. This creates a social influence; wherein other consumers will adapt their behavior according to what other people are doing.


T Pose: A base reference pose of a character for artists to work with and alter as needed. In a T pose, a character will have its feet together and 2 arms started out, creating a “T” shape. Our artists take a base 3D model and alter it to fit the scene you want created.

Thematics: Relating to, or constituting a theme.

Themed Environment: A holistically designed public space transformed into a unified atmosphere to wow and delight visitors, using a theme or narrative. Can include the use of 3D visuals, lighting, sounds, and even smells.

Theming: The use of a unifying motif create a holistic and integrated spatial organization of a venue. See Wikipedia.

Theming Solutions: The problem is finding a way to attract clients, get more referrals, find good staff, and grow your business. The solution is turning mundane spaces into magical places with decorative themed decor to help our clients attract more visitors, entice new staff, and turn their business space into a valuable marketing asset.

Traveling Billboards: A marketing initiative deployed graphically on a mode of transportation to share a desired message. Traveling billboards are the perfect way to advertise a business every time your leave the office. At IDS we help our businesses achieve this with eye-catching vinyl wraps and adding large 3D characters to stand out in traffic

Treatment Room: A working space used for administering dental or medical treatments.

Typodont: A oversized tooth model used for demonstration and training purposes.


Vector File (vs Raster File): A vector graphic file is an image that can be made infinitely large or small without losing quality. Common vector file types include AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated Postscript), and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Logos created by IDS are saved in this format. A raster image file is a rectangular array colored blocks, known as pixels. Raster image file types are: TIFF, GIF, and JPEG.

Vehicle Advertising: Enhancing a vehicle with eye-catching themed vinyl illustrations or 3D themed elements to share a desired message with anyone who passes by.

Vestibule: The room between the outer door and the interior of a building. A great place to add in a child sized door or welcoming character.

Vinyl Cushions: A medical grade cushion cover that is perfect seating in environments with high customer traffic that requires fast, easy, and sanitary cleaning.


Wall Covering: A graphic, panel, or decal that can be applied to a wall or surface.

Wall Designs: Colorful graphics that can be applied to a wall or alternative surface to decorate an environment and extend any brand experience throughout a space.

Wallpaper: Pasted strips that can be applied to a desired wall to add a decorative element to the space.

Wall Mural: A vinyl graphic depicting a scene or landscape applied directly to a wall to transform a space.

Wayfinding: Sign(s) designed with the intention of guiding guests through a space. Comprehensive and thoughtfully designed signs can enhance a visitors experience.

Window Murals: Double sided graphics applied to a window or glass door.

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