Create a memorable and consistent experience throughout your locations with branding that sticks. By utilizing theming, you can transform your physical location into your most valuable marketing asset.

Available services and bedside manner impact how a patient feels about their visit. But does that alone create a memorable experience? Having a themed hospital space and tying that theming into attached businesses can strengthen your brand and create an unforgettable patient experience.

Growing a Business isn’t Easy – Especially Right Now

If you are similar to many of our clients operating child-focused businesses, you’re likely noticing how the world right now can seem scary through the eyes of a child. There’s no avoiding it, COVID protocols and PPE can make your visitor experience feel less welcoming than normal times.

This is why now is the ideal time to add some fun and warmth back into your office with the help of IDS. By doing so, you signal to parents that you’re going above and beyond for the kids in your care, strengthening your reputation that will further drive growth.

See how these spaces have been transformed into welcoming environments for kids!

A Welcoming Environment Delivers Big Benefits

If you’re looking to grow your business while maintaining and exceeding your patient experience, invest in theming.

Connect with a Creative Consultant today and explore the possibilities.


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What IDS Clients Are Saying About Their Theming

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Mawish Baber Clinic Operations Director

The kids love the theming. One of our groups has started referring to the clinic as “The Fun Center” cementing our desire to make this a place of wellness and development, not a place they are forced to visit.

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Sheryl Wright Family Nurse Practitioner

As a result of the theming, marketing has definitely improved. Even if patients cannot remember the name of the clinic, they know where we are and that our clinic is the fun place for kids to come play while they are waiting for their appointment.

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Dr. Joe Nguyen Dentist, Owner of 3 Themed Offices

Investing in an awesome office is far better than any advertising I could purchase. It’s a really safe investment - you’ll get your return. Don’t hesitate, it’s worth every penny.

Over 450 Installs and Two Decades of Experience

IDS is a trusted and go-to partner for creating imaginative environments that delight existing customers while attracting new ones. We’ve worked with child-friendly all over the world from dental offices, pediatric healthcare practices, early education providers, childcare facilities, museums, shopping centers, and even airports.

IDS brings over two decades of experience to every project. Whether your space needs a custom-themed environment or pre-designed murals and decor from the IDS Essentials™ Collection, you can count on us to supply innovative solutions to your healthcare space that are engineered for extreme durability.

Your Exceptional Medical Care Paired with a Magical IDS Environment is a Winning Combination

If attracting more families is apart of your growth strategy, connect with us to learn how we can help.


After all, you can’t spell KIDS without IDS!