The 3 Social Media Sites You Should Be Promoting Your Dental Office On and Why

In the age of technology and digital communications, it is becoming increasingly important to market your dental practice through social media. Traditionally, mailed leaflets, phone calls, and word-of-mouth were the main sources of new clients. There are approximately 247 million U.S. social media users as of 2019. That is a massive market waiting to be tapped by your practice. By using social media, you are able to put a face to your business and quickly and effectively reach out to previous and potential clients.

There are three main social networking sites that are best for reaching and interacting with your client base: Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. Each serves a specific purpose and can be utilized in different ways.


1. Facebook

Facebook is the most commonly-used platform, so having a Facebook account is a must.

Facebook is best used when looking to connect with audiences and to share information with those who are interested in your practice. You post content like:

  • Photos of your patients who are cavity-free
  • Celebrate your staff during special events like birthdays
  • Promote events, like if you’re setting up a booth at a local fair or doing a talk at a school
  • Informative content, like articles on the latest dental technology
  • Information relating to your practice such as contact information, hours, and a map of your office 
  • Updates that are relevant to your clients, like closures due to Covid-19

Post consistently; several times a week is best for reaching those who follow you.

Facebook can also help you to gather feedback and comments from your existing patients. Be sure to monitor patient comments and respond promptly to both positive and negative comments.

Be warned, Facebook is a money-making business and will want to charge you to share your content with a wider audience to get more reach and engagement with your posts. The key is to create content that users actually want to see and your content will spread organically.

Use Facebook for:

  • Audience Reach: With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a platform that caters to a broad audience, making it an excellent choice for reaching a diverse range of potential patients.
  • Engagement Features: Facebook offers various engagement features, including posts, photos, videos, events, and reviews. You can create a business page, share educational content, promote special offers, and interact with your community through comments and messages.
  • Content Opportunities: You can share a variety of content on Facebook, such as dental tips, educational videos, patient testimonials, and updates about your dental practice.
  • Community Building: Facebook allows you to create a community around your dental practice. You can engage with patients through comments, private messages, and events.

2. Linkedin

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for promoting your dental office, especially when you want to engage with a professional audience, build relationships within the healthcare industry, and establish your practice as an authority.

Remember to maintain a professional tone and image on LinkedIn. While other social media platforms may focus more on casual interactions, LinkedIn is a platform where professionalism and credibility are highly valued.

Use Linkedin for:

  • Professional Networking: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that allows you to connect with other professionals in the healthcare industry. It’s a great platform for sharing educational content, industry news, and professional achievements.
  • Build Credibility: By sharing informative articles, participating in discussions, and showcasing the expertise of your team, you can build credibility and trust among potential patients and other professionals in the field.
  • Educational Content: Share informative content about dental health, advancements in dentistry, and your team’s expertise. This can help build trust among potential patients.
  • B2B Opportunities: If your dental office provides services to businesses or professionals, LinkedIn can be a valuable platform for B2B networking.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a platform that allows your practice to post and tag a single photo or a small scrollable gallery. This social media platform relies on hashtags and photo filters to create an image for your practice and name.

Instagram can be used as a tool for your staff to share office life, post photos of kids who are in the daily ‘no cavity club,’ and celebrate office events. It is less formal than Facebook and a great tool for connecting to your younger patient base.

Instagram is the best platform for reaching millennials (your family-aged audience) and other users who appreciate a good picture or video. If you have a themed office that means you’ll have an endless supply of visually interesting content to grab the attention of the cool, millennial moms in your area.

The Instagram app.

On top of attracting new patients, Instagram is a great place to attract good staff. Job hunters will often head to Instagram to find out the culture of a company they are looking to work for to see if they will be a good fit.

Use Instagram for:

  • Visual Appeal: Instagram is a highly visual platform, making it ideal for showcasing your dental practice through high-quality images and videos. This is particularly useful for highlighting before-and-after dental work, office aesthetics, and the team.
  • Engagement with Visual Storytelling: Use Instagram Stories and Reels to share behind-the-scenes glimpses, patient testimonials, and quick oral health tips. Visual storytelling can be powerful in creating a connection with your audience.
  • Hashtags for Visibility: Utilize relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts and reach a broader audience interested in dental health.


It may sound time-consuming to utilize social media, but it often only takes a few minutes a day.

By cross-posting your content to all three of these sites, you can consistently and efficiently reach out to patients who are interested in your practice with considerably less time. There are even programs that help you manage all of your accounts from one place, such as Hootsuite.

Placing advertisements on these platforms allows you to reach new clients without spending a fortune. Each of these sites also offers analytics so that you can immediately see who is following your practice, which types of posts generate the most interest, and track current dental trends.

Social Media is about more than simply posting content. The content you create is also pivotal to your success. Featuring events in the community, educating patients on the importance of dental health and lifestyle changes, and highlighting opportunities for clients to interact with your practice are all key.

In order to create a ‘buzz’ around your practice, you can enter your office into dental design and local business competitions. This recognition not only increases the prestige of your office, it is the perfect promotional opportunity to share with your followers on social media.

The great thing about social media is that you can let your patients market your practice for you!

A themed office gives patients plenty of photo opportunities that they want to share to their social media profiles. Choose a hashtag that relates to your office and encourage patients to tag your practice in the photos they take. Not only does this increase word-of-mouth recommendations, it also makes patients feel connected and excited about your office. A happy practice is a social practice and your patients will be happy to promote your dental office on social media!

When using these platforms, keep in mind:

  • Consistent Branding: Maintain consistent branding across all platforms, including your logo, business information, and visual style.
  • Educational Content: Share informative and educational content about oral health. This not only positions your practice as an authority but also provides value to your audience.
  • Engagement: Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and reviews. Encourage patients to share their positive experiences.
  • Promotions and Specials: Use social media to promote any special offers, discounts, or events happening at your dental office.

Remember to review and adhere to the specific guidelines and policies of each platform. Regularly analyze the performance of your content to understand what resonates best with your audience and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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