What Do Successful Pediatric Dental Offices have in Common?

Happy kids! Experience and knowledge is expected, but offices that thrive create a warm and friendly environment that is appealing to children. IDS specializes in creating child-friendly environments that provide a welcome distraction for families waiting for an appointment.

Explore Examples of Pediatric Dental Decor

Whatever Your Style, We Have You Covered

Playful or Contemporary, we can create a design style that suits your style.

Whether your space is aimed at young patients or you need a more sophisticated look suited to a range of ages, we have a solution for you.

Speak with an IDS Creative Consultant to explore how we can help your space reflect your unique brand.


A Welcoming Environment Delivers Big Benefits

If you’re looking to grow your business while maintaining and exceeding your patient experience, invest in theming.

Connect with a Creative Consultant today and explore the possibilities.


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Get inspired! This book will get you thinking about all of the possibilities for transforming your medical space. The latest volume features photos from our most recent office installs and great success stories from our dental and medical clients.


Over 600 Projects and 15 Years of Experience

IDS is your go-to partner for creating imaginative environments that delight your existing patients while attracting new ones. We’ve worked with child-friendly businesses all over the world from dental offices, pediatric healthcare practices, early education providers, childcare facilities, museums, libraries, and more!

IDS brings over 3 decades of experience with 15 of those specialized in the childcare community. Whether your space needs a custom-themed environment or pre-designed murals and decor from the IDS Essentials™ Collection, you can count on us to supply innovative solutions to your dental office that are engineered for extreme durability.

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Dr. Joe Yale Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

I believe that our theme provides a visual manifestation of how committed we are to giving the best level of customer service and the best experience a child could have. It’s all about the people, the patients, and parents that we take care of.

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Dr. Jenni Burkitt Dentist, Owner of a Themed Office

When we first moved in, I had a goal of achieving $1.2m in revenue and we met that. This year, we are on target to achieve $2m in revenue and I credit the theming with bringing in that additional $800,000.

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Dr. Jed Snatic Dentist, Owner of 2 Themed Offices

After adding the train play area to our waiting room, in one year we’ve gone from a startup, to full-on busy. I am sure we’ll have too many patients within 2 to 3 years.

Pair Your Exceptional Care with a Magical IDS Environment

If attracting more families to your practice is your goal, connect with us to learn how we can help. Schedule a quick discovery call today.


After all, you can’t spell KIDS without IDS!

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