Jungle Themed Dental Office

A Jungle Dental Office with Impact Inside and Out

Looking to attract new clients and establish a buzz in the community, this dental practice decided that a landmark would be the first step in theming their building. Imagination Design Studios helped the client develop a creative idea that would become the larger-than-life elephant appearing to drive a Jeep through the wall.

Using a real Jeep, a gigantic elephant was built, along with some animal friends. The resulting landmark feature has become a great attraction and patients also use it as a photo op!

One-of-a-kind custom digital murals were printed for the children’s play area, including an integrated “I Spy With My Little Eye” game. Printed right in the mural is a list of objects that kids can try to find in the picture!

On the other side of the waiting room is a fully themed games room for older children. Video game consoles appear to be built into ancient stone ruins, surrounded by jungle animals. There is also a jungle theater where young patients can watch entertaining and educational videos with their jungle friends.

The owner of this office also owns a jungle & dino themed office and a pirate dental office.

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IDS has delivered amazing products and service consistently and reliably.

- Dr. Derek Thompson
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