Magic Themed Dental Office

Magical Dragon Mascots Represent This Dental Office

Inside this pediatric dental clinic you’ll find a collection of the cutest baby dragons ever! Our concept designers created these mascots for this office and each has their own distinct personality. The four sibling dragons can be found throughout the practice in both the sculptures and murals. They are painted with a shiny iridescent paint so they shimmer magically in the light.

The bright and cheerful reception area is outfitted with custom wall and desk murals showing the dragons in a fantastic candy inspired landscape. At the desk is a whimsical tooth-house featuring mushrooms growing out of the roof with clear resin dewdrop details and dragon-sized windows and doors.

Hanging from the ceiling are some fun way finding signs to welcome and direct guests. These cute signs are made to look like vines coming out of cotton candy clouds.

In the waiting room, kids will be delighted to find a play area, with a magical beanstalk photo op and matching stool, where the baby dragons are ready to have their close-ups. There are also custom murals of a sweet cotton candy cloud world that will make kids feel like they have arrived in a fairytale.

In the treatment rooms, the engaging murals continue and are filled with scenes of our dragon pals playing in various candy filled environments. Lining the corridors of the practice are some floss box Wild Welcomes. These wipe off boards feature each character and help to bring the theme of magic and dental together. With all of the amazing characters and detail in this office, there is no way it won’t become the talk of the town known for its custom dental decor!

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