Alice in Wonderland Themed Dental Office

Fall into a Wonderland Dental Office

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast,” like falling down a rabbit hole and into this Alice in Wonderland themed dental office. Come with us and step into a world that’s quirky, unexpected, and bizarre in all the best ways.

When guests enter this space, they will first be greeted at the gates of Wonderland where they can check-in for their appointment with the overhanging welcome key. Absolem the Caterpillar will be there, perched on a toadstool for when guests ask “would you tell me, please, what way I ought to go from here?” to direct visitors deeper into this dream world.

Before reaching the waiting room, visitors will parade past the rabbit hole that is swirling with the most peculiar things you could dream of. If you listen closely to the clock, it rings “tick tock” as gentle reminder to patients of their upcoming appointment.

It just gets “curiouser and curiouser!” people say as they take a seat in the waiting area that looks an awful like the Duchess’s house. But one things very kooky about her place… it’s upside down! But then again, “we’re all mad here.”

Come appointment time, patients will be ushered in through the Caterpillar’s woods where they will find Alice snoozing under a tree. Help her catch her escaping book pages billowing in the wind.

This dental office is truly a unique experience for anyone who visits. The otherworldly feeling of this wonderland has been accomplished through an expression of both 2D and 3D decor, making this a magical space a place guests will want to come back to for more!

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