Jungle Themed Dental Office

Bamboo Jungle Reception and Play Area

The inside of this office received an IDS makeover, transforming it into an exotic jungle. The large bench tree, with branches that fan out across the ceiling is a great eye-catching and functional centerpiece for the reception area. Built-in iPads entertain children while the parents check in or relax under the enchanting canopy.

The monochromatic green silhouette mural adds depth to the reception area and contributes to the overall relaxing feel of the room.

Cute eye-catching characters can be seen on each branch, from parrots and toucans to brightly colored tree frogs. An energetic monkey swings upside down from a branch, taking a peek at the visitors, while another lounging monkey catches a few Zzzzs nearby.

These animals have been created from a combination of hand sculpting and casting, making each one unique to this office. Smaller characters like the frog are cast from premade molds. Their arms and legs can be repositioned to fit into their surroundings.

Six Landmark characters create a playful scene that can’t be missed. This eye-catching group of animals on the facade of the building draws lots of attention from the street with their bold colors.

Disguised as a bamboo hut with an entrance shorter than your average door this private area was designed specifically for kids.

Inside this playful games room there are engaging and hands on components that will entice children from any age group. From more iPads to hands on games for younger children, this games room is a great addition to the office.

While the majority of the office features silhouette murals that are designed for an older age group, the games room contains murals that were designed to engage younger children’s imaginations. A small insert of a fully illustrated wall mural are framed by bamboo sticks asn creates a window effect in the hut. Our IDS illustrators love creating unique characters and visual gags for children to enjoy. In this mural a slow turtle tries to up his speed with a daily run.

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