Bayou Themed Medical Clinic

Bayou Inspired Medical Clinic Reception

As visitors arrive to this medical office they will find a space full of friendly local animals, clever visual jokes, and colorful activities. The check in desk features softly colored bayou themed murals that wrap around the curved front. A realistically sculpted branch with a welcome sign greets people as they approach. Flying next to the desk is a sweet pelican character carrying her babies to their doctor appointment and holding her reminder card in her feet – how cute!

Next to the reception area is a sculpted bench with a parent fox holding their baby waiting to be seen – a relatable sight for parents bringing their children to the doctor and for the kids who need their boo-boos looked at. Themed benches make great photo opportunities for parents to take pictures and share with friends and family even after the appointment is done.

When kids visit the play area they will have lots to keep them entertained and happy. There is an impressive sculpted tree play structure with a slide coming out of the trunk and a raccoon construction worker character “building” a tree house above. Also in the kid’s area are wall-mounted tablets for gaming with tree stump stools that match the bayou theme, Kee Bee game units, and floor to ceiling murals (including an eye spy mural).

The playful decor doesn’t stop in the waiting area, the hallways feature custom fabricated and illustrated faux windows with friendly animals demonstrating that medical exams don’t have to be scary.

All the characters throughout the practice will make for an unforgettable experience for patients!

This medical office has multiple locations, check out their other bayou themed office here.

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