Bayou Themed Medical Clinic

Charming Bayou Themed Medical Clinic Play Area

Patients will be charmed as they walk into this bayou themed medical clinic.

As patients enter the clinic, the waiting area opens up to reveal a dedicated kids play area. Two freestanding sculpted ‘fence’ walls separate the kids area from the rest of the waiting room. A hollowed-out cypress tree slide with a sign that reads “Kids Club” is a perfect place for kids to burn some energy before their appointments. Above the slide rests a granny turtle busy knitting a new scarf. Meanwhile, her rabbit friend tries on his brand new knitted sweater. Character gags like this add humor to the space.

In the corner, a pelican sits atop a sculpted rock holding a custom sign leading kids to the games area, where they can pull up a sculpted log stool to play on the gaming tablets.

Next to the reception area is a custom photo op bench sculpted to look like rock with moss. A juvenile deer character grins sheepishly while having his antler fixed by his pigeon doctor, who is using a twig resembling an antler.

Engaging faux windows depicting scenes of health and wellness add levity to the hallway as patients are brought to their exam rooms. Within each exam room resides a friendly sculpted animal nurse or doctor character to distract kids during their appointment.

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