Jungle Themed Dental Office

IDS Essentials™ Jungle Office in Turkey

This year we had the pleasure of working with our first Turkish doctor on her kid-friendly dental practice in Istanbul. The clinic has a jungle theme that made use of both custom designed pieces and items from our catalog of pre-designed products found in IDS Essentials™. The goal for the office design was to keep the interior chic and sophisticated while still being inviting and interesting for kids.

The majority of the practice uses bright white walls and glossy surfaces that fit a contemporary feel with selectively placed murals for pops of color and character sculptures for children to engage with.

The waiting area features a custom jungle tree nestled into a circular nook with sculpted vines, artificial foliage, and matching chairs. Up in the tree, a baby monkey is tucked snuggly on a vine taking a nap while another monkey is poking out its head for a helpful parrot who is eager to brush some teeth!

Beside the waiting room tree are activity tables with Chew on This fact boards lined up on the walls displaying dental education tidbits. There is even a friendly Canadian beaver with a toothache sitting on one of the chairs for kids to enjoy!

Throughout the office are several jungle-themed Waiting Room Guests for kids to curl up next to or take a photo with to share online. Once patients are in the treatment areas, they can enjoy the beautiful full wall murals with 3D elements that will help distract and calm them during appointments. Practical decorative elements were included in the design such as the themed alligator and lion brushing mirrors that will encourage brushing education.

The leopard scaling the wall on the outside of the building was particularly exciting for the dentist and is a memorable way for the practice to stand out and be found!

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It’s true what you have said, IDS is an investment, not an expense. I am one of your biggest fans (even though I am far away in Turkey). I am very happy collaborating with you, I cannot stop making new catalog orders.

– Dr. Gilman Yücel

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