Take a hike with us through this contemporary but cozy woodland themed pediatric dental office.

The charming waiting room is walled with vibrant murals that will transport guests down an inviting forest trail. It is along this path they are sure to run into a friendly brown bear named “Honey Bear” (named by the patients in an online contest) reading her favorite story. She loves it when explorers take a moment to pause and listen to her read. But her favorite thing is when visitors snap a photo with her.

Photo op characters like this bear are the perfect way for guests to show off that they’ve been to your practice and showcase their excitement around this visit.

The waiting room also features a floor projected game system that allows kids to play games with the movement of their bodies. It’s a fun way to get out some energy before an appointment.



When patients are ushered into their appointment, any anxieties are sure to be eliminated as they settle into their treatment chair and gaze upon the breathtaking contemporary wall murals. The warm hues of the art in the open bay treatment area are sure to relax and transport visitors into a golden enchanted retreat. The private treatment rooms have beautiful landscapes as well.

Visitors will also want to be sure to check out the faux window mural with custom artwork. Dr. Graham had a wish to honor her late father in a creative way that would fit seamlessly into the design of her office. Together with IDS we were able to customize a fond memory of hers into a special token that will forever be a part of her space.


IDS went above and beyond my expectations. Not only did they create beautiful decorations for my office, they were amazing to work with. I opened my pediatric dental office from scratch coming out of residency, and they were so helpful and accommodating every step of the way. I get compliments on our wall murals and 3D bear every day.

IDS even helped turn my father, who recently passed away, into a cartoon so I can see him every day. Being surrounded by such a fun atmosphere makes going to work fun and our patients love it, too! Worth every penny!!!

– Dr. Catherine Graham




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