Backyard Themed Childcare Center

Daycare with Cozy Backyard Decor

Welcome to a cozy backyard themed early learning center, where landscape murals bring a park atmosphere inside. As families enter, they are greeted by a 3D sculpture of children laughing and playing in a sandbox on the front desk. Cozy benches, a welcome sign, and friendly mural of a treehouse make everyone comfortable in this front reception area.

The walls of the daycare are adorned with beautiful, illustrated murals that depict a variety of backyard scenes. There are tall trees with leaves rustling in the breeze, a babbling brook that flows through the grass, and a garden filled with colorful flowers. Illustrated children explore these fanciful scenes.


The murals continue on the windows, providing privacy from people on the sidewalk outside, all while creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere inside. The exterior murals do a great job of advertising the business as a kid-friendly place as well.

The daycare is a warm and inviting space where children can explore, play, and learn in a natural and stimulating environment.

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