Garden Themed Dental Office

Dental Education Garden Theme Reception Area

This office is bursting with activities for young patients to enjoy! Educational elements were a big part of this office design. A large sculpture of interactive teeth sits on top of a garden fire pit and kids can practice with the oversize toothbrushes and floss.

Giant tooth sculptures with cut-away graphics and fake cavities sit in the shed area and have illustrated signs above explaining the difference between healthy and unhealthy teeth. The sculpted bunny falling through the roof shows there is still fun to be had even while learning.

Across from the education area is a muralled slide with custom cut Sintra panels in the shape of a bush. Slides are a great place for children to burn off some energy before an appointment!

The peaceful waiting area features a sculpted tree with a built-in bookshelf, a birdhouse, a beehive sculpture, and a cheeky little bunny disappearing into his den at the base of the tree.

Further down the hallway, above the brushing station are two sculpted branches with 3D butterflies and a chubby caterpillar learning to floss. Visitors of all ages will enjoy this welcoming and interactive environment!

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The kids really like all the things that IDS did at the office… it’s a real hit!

– Dr. Joanna Ayala

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