National Forest Themed Dental Clinic

Explore the Foothills and Trails of This National Forest Themed Office

For this office, the dentist commissioned IDS to handle the 3D theming elements, while an outside artist painted the national park murals. The dentist worked closely with our designers to integrate some elements native to their state of South Carolina.

The reception area is made to look like a covered bridge, acting as the “entrance way” into the rest of the theming. A cute squirrel and bird hold up a custom dental floss welcome sign.

In the waiting area you’ll find an impressive floor-to-ceiling tree trunk circular bench. Carved with realistic bark details and complete with foliage, the trunk features a group of cute animals within its branches. A nest of baby Carolina wrens and adopted turkey chick prep for their first flights, while their mother flies by in encouragement. Beside them is a mother porcupine nuzzling her own adorable baby! Seating like this is an excellent way to create a dazzling themed centerpiece for your office without taking up extra floor space. It also makes for a great way to pass the time while patients take pictures as they wait for treatment!

In the play area, kids will love the beaver dam slide. On top is a beaver ‘constructing’ their home, while the muddy river base intersects with a narrow rim of sculpted water for an eye-catching pop of color.

You get what you pay for and the quality is phenomenal. They are the best and I was willing to pay for it. Their number one strength is customer service. The sales process excellent and the fact that they kept me updated with pictures and emails during the construction of my project was appreciated.

It definitely creates a wow factor among existing patients as well as an excitement factor for our staff coming to work every day.

Dr. Michael Bozard

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