Jungle Themed Children’s Hospital

Friendly Jungle Theming in a Children’s Hospital Wing

When a local hospital underwent renovations to the children’s wing to spruce it up, Imagination Design Studios was happy to help!

Murals with bright colours, friendly characters, and fun games were donated to the children’s wing in order to help lift the mood of children and parents in tough situations. The murals include wayfinding signs, hand-washing instructions, and an I Spy game for young patients.

Jungle murals line the halls at child height leading to an underwater play room where parents and children can unwind between treatments and appointments. The I Spy game in the play area contains medical themed objects, like bandaids. Fish doctors performing medical check ups can be seen throughout the mural, along with bubbles containing fun facts about the human body.

Each room has a themed wipe off board with info for each patient about their day.

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