Jungle Themed Dental Office

Swing Into a Jungle Dental Chair in Germany

Swing overseas with us to check out this jungle themed pediatric dental office in Bergheim, Germany. There is fun to be had during the entire appointment in this curious colorful space!

Guests can hangout with Lennie the Lemur while they check in at the animated muraled reception desk and get ready to embark on a wild adventure at the dentist.

While little ones wait for their appointment, they can get cozy on the woodland cladded benches to read a story with Holly the Hippo, follow the gator flowing down the lazy river on the mural, or pretend they are sliding down the waterfall as they play in the toy area.

When kids get called to the chair, they can get lost in their imaginations and pretend they are on an important expedition with Luna the Leopard as they gaze upon another themed mural. Where do you think that bridge will take them to? Perhaps it’s to the sinks where they can check out the pearly whites of a tiger and crocodile in an IDS brushing mirror.


On the way out, it’s hard to miss the dynamic toucan and elephant duo looking for their third musketeer to come and snap a photo with them. That photo will be a perfect memory for parents to share with their friends and tell them all about the exciting experience they had during their visit.

This office is the perfect balance of IDS Essentials™ and custom products utilized to bring a space to life and designed specially for this client to personally install. Not all IDS creations can be installed this way, but to meet the needs of our clients across the pond we are flexible with our production approaches to conceptualize and produce accordingly to ensure anyone can bring their wildest dreams to life.


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