Safari Themed Pediatric Dentist

Safari Dental Treatment Rooms with All The Essentials

Welcome to the jungle!

This Imagination Design Studios jungle themed office is outfitted with design elements from our IDS Essentials™ Collection.

What is our IDS Essentials™ Collection? It is the quality and creativity you’ve come to expect from us packed into a convenient catalog line of kid-friendly decor that you can select to be installed in your space.

If you’ve got a wild side then this jungle themed collection is for you. We have murals filled with green leafy canopies and grinning characters that are sure to delight your most adventurous patients.

When patients walk into this wild jungle retreat, they are instantly pulled in by the vibrant murals that line the walls and windows. Each space has a different scene for little adventurers to embark on an imaginary journey. They can picture cruising down the river on the back of a hippopotamus, lazing in the watering hole with the animal kingdom comrades, or swinging through the trees with a gaggle of monkeys.


While seated in the waiting room visitors are kept company by a grinning zebra posed on a wooden crate. This jungle photo op is easily moveable so he can change up the look of the space up at any time and be easily decorated for holidays and events! He is also a very smiley guy and loves when guests pose with him to show off their pearly whites in a photo together. Themed photo opportunities create a perfect opportunity to encourage guests to share about their experiences in your space!

Speaking of pearly whites… have you ever counted how many teeth an alligator has? Well in this office you can as it is fitted with jungle character brushing mirrors that make brushing fun with some smiling friends!

This space combines colorful murals and creative characters to transport families into a whole new world where they can make positive memories while visiting this space.




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