Winter Themed Dental Office

Doggy Winter Adventure Reception Area

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… in July? Well in this office it’s an activity filled winter wonderland all year long!

Dogs of all sorts are enjoying the snow, tobogganing, skiing and of course you can’t have an alpine resort without a Saint Bernard and his iconic barrel of brandy around his neck.

The carved log benches look like you will be sitting on a pillow of snow, but this snow won’t melt!

A forlorn snowman is checking to see where his nose went because a sly racoon, hiding in his hat, swiped the carrot right from under his nose, literally and figuratively!

It’s a playful photo-op that kids will want to share with their friends.

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Thank you again. I love it. You were all a pleasure to work with.

– Dr. Geri Waldman

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