Anime Themed Dental Office

Mecha Candy vs Robo Animals

An exciting adventure awaits inside the doors of this anime themed dental office! This was our first ever anime project and the amazing characters created for this dentist were a great new undertaking. The story unfolding in the office is mecha candy villains versus robo animals. They can be seen battling throughout the practice from reception to treatment. The evil Colonel Gum Gum, a gumball machine mecha monster with a gummy bear head, battles Yong the dragon, Toki the rabbit, and Kita the dog.

The vivid murals in the waiting room illustrate a futuristic cityscape featuring our heroes and villains. There are 3D sculpted elements added such as Toki the rabbit wielding an amazing light-up LED toothpaste stream suspended over the waiting room. Yong the dragon playfully floating over the reception desk greets visiting patients.

In the open treatment bay the battle continues to amuse children with the fully sculpted characters in exciting action poses. Details like pearlescent and color changing paint on the mech armour add even more uniqueness to this office. If all that isn’t enough there is even Yong the dragon as a photo op bench right outside the practice entrance. Children will have plenty of positive distractions to keep them entertained when they visit this incredible anime office!

Video Tour

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