Mountain Themed Mall Play Area

Mountain Explorer Mall Play Area

Grab your climbing gear little explorers, because you’ve got a whole mountain to discover! Ranger Dave, the big black bear, welcomes young and old into his Wildlife Park for Kids!

This mall play area, located in a region known for it’s majestic mountains and forest landscapes, is designed to let little ones do some safe climbing and exploring of their own. With 10 squishy soft play sculptures that kids climb on, under, through and slide down, there won’t be a moment’s rest! A wall of Keebee play boards and comfortable cushioned benches gives a relaxing option to parents and children who want to play quietly.



Helpful themed signage gives instructions, such as showing parents the direction to the play park, where the stroller parking is located, the closet bathroom, and the appropriate height for children able to play in the area.

The contemporary-style mural panels create a safe barrier to keep kids contained, and is a great way to blend the play park into the mall decor.

Children and parents alike a sure to have a blast in this indoor play area, drawing them to mall for a day of discovery.

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