Storybook Themed Dental Office

Once Upon a Time in this Book Themed Dental Office…

“I’ll teach you how to jump on the wind’s back, and then away we go!”

– Peter Pan

Come on friends, soar into this storybook themed dental office with me, a world much different than our own, but all too wonderfully familiar.

At this children’s dentistry, their goal is to help children set positive foundations for creating healthy habits. The owner of this office worked with IDS to reach this by creating an environment that nurtures children’s imaginations and brings out their biggest smiles. From front to back, this clinic is outfitted in custom IDS themed murals and 3D sculpted elements with each room designed to tell its own story.

As you step through the front doors, guests are immersed into the world of Jack and the Beanstalk fitted with wall-to-wall themed murals, a cladded bench with a medical grade vinyl cushion, and a towering beanstalk. But patients should think twice about climbing up it though… you never know what dangerous adventures lie above the clouds. It’s probably best for kids to get their treasures from the prize cabinet, a beautifully sculpted castle. Just don’t let the giant catch you!

Come time for the appointment, patients are ushered through an enchanting hallway with ginormous mural books lining the wall – have you ever stepped into a giant’s library? If you look closely, each door that leads into dedicated treatment areas are decaled with door murals designed to look like classic story tale covers. Which do you care to read today?

After children have embarked on an adventure in to the skies with Peter Pan, swung through the trees in The Jungle Book, strolled through the castle from Beauty and the Beast, or climbed out of Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole, they will all have their favorite room they’ll want to return to for their next appointment.

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