Bayou Themed Medical Clinic

Bayou Theater and Medical Clinic Reception Area

Welcome to this authentic bayou themed pediatric medical office, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn’s hangout. Here the two don’t just visit the doctor, they come for the popcorn, a movie, and if the stars are out, a cruise down the river. This office promises to unveil the mystery and wonder of what lies in the depths of the bayou… and we know you will love it.

After being greeted at reception in this backwater getaway, guests can head down the brook to catch a flick with a few of the offices friendly critters. They can post up in the theater area with the smiley bear and his turtle friend perched between two majestic mossy trees. These two make the perfect photo op! They are posed on a rock cladded bench with comfy medical grade vinyl seating, the best spot in the house!

Guests can grab their admission from the usher beaver hanging out in the ticket hut that he hollowed out of one of the trees. These characters are irresistibly adorable, and posed perfectly for guests to snap a picture with during their visit to the office.


What really ties this space together is the colorful wall murals featuring scenes of they bayou at dusk… when all the outback residents come out for a swim, a dance, or to graze the grass. Don’t miss the outhouse themed washroom with a custom fitted door mural. Who do you think is holding up the line?

However the experience doesn’t stop there – this is a multi-location office that extends the fun to all their spaces. Check them out here: Have a bayou blast, charming bayou medical clinic, bayou inspired reception area, and friendly bayou doctor’s office.



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