Ids in the Community

Ronald McDonald House Barn Themed Magic Room

IDS was very proud to work with Ronald McDonald House to create the magical atmosphere in this special room that gets kids excited for a secret surprise.

The Ronald McDonald House Magic Room is an exceptional place that children at the House visit when they have a successful surgery, get to go home, or are celebrating a special event during their stay. Each child gets to enter the fantasy world in the Magic Room and leave with a brand new gift and a great big smile!

This Magic Room in Alberta, Canada is themed around a barnyard and features wonderful farm animals big and small, dancing and singing together.

IDS added some great features to the room: the pickup truck seating bench is the perfect place for visitors to sit and take in all the fun and excitement this unique setting has to offer. The goose nest features 6 colorful eggs, one of which holds a hidden key. This key opens a barn door to the magical toy room, and opening it is a special way to get kids involved in the experience.