Beach Themed Dental Office

Seas the Day at This Beach Reception Area

You’ll always find the perfect weather at this beach-inspired dental office! Patients are greeted by a friendly dolphin who is posing for photos with kids.

Meanwhile, the check-in desk inside the office has been taken over by a pair of silly seagulls. Notice one of them has a camera? Using a nearby tablet, children can take a fantastic photo as they surf beside a fun crab and dolphin.

After checking in, patients have the opportunity to visit the open play area. Interactive game tablets are built into the custom surfboards, which also include bright sand-pail seating. The game tablets have been designed with education in mind so it is easy for patients to learn about dental care while having some fun!

Sometimes patients want to relax with their beach buddies. The van in the play area is actually a fully functioning television! Along the walls, children can join in on a treasure hunt through custom I Spy murals. These search games are designed to distract children from their anxieties with an engaging activity. How many gold coins can you find?

From start to finish, this office will definitely make a splash!

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What a truly wonderful office. I have only accolades of the installation experience. Your technicians are phenomenal.

– Dr. John Levy

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