Arctic Themed Dental Office

Sub Zero Winter Themed Children’s Dental Office

This is the second themed office created for this client; however, it is our first office with a Polar theme!

Visitors and patients at this pediatric dental office will immediately feel chilled out when they see the arctic reception desk. Featuring polar bears and penguins fishing, swimming, playing, and bursting out of the snow, there are a lot of characters to look at and enjoy.

A custom sign with glowing LED lights is displayed against the back wall. The icy creation has sculpted penguins popping in and out of it making fun as well as functional.

The excitement continues in the treatment bay where the arctic animals are having a lively snowball fight. There is a snow themed whiteboard for the dentist to write a fun message for the day. 3D characters sit atop the built-in cabinetry on a frame of sculpted snow. The high placement of the characters creates the perfect view for patients leaning back in their treatment chairs.

Patients won’t regret setting out on this arctic adventure when they visit this office!

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