Jungle and Dinosaur Themed Dental Office

Go on a Prehistoric Dinosaur Dental Office Adventure

Combining dinosaurs and friendly jungle animals into one theme creates a welcoming atmosphere for children, as well as a pediatric dental office that parents just can’t stop recommending to their friends.

The rooftop dinosaur is an immediate landmark that attracts new patients. Out front, the custom sign is an excellent photo opportunity for children who enjoy sitting on a dino egg and posing with the sculpted characters.

The reception desk has been transformed into a jungle hut and faces a fun feature wall (great for photos) where a dinosaur and his hippo friend drive their jeep over a waterfall. Around the corner, children will find a themed theater where they can watch videos with their animal and dinosaur friends.

Custom wall murals pull the entire theme together to make a colorful and fun pediatric dental office that kids will love!

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