Forest Themed Dental Office

Visit a National Park in This Nature Themed Office

The tables are turned in this unique wildlife office. Here the animals are the tourists who’ve come to photograph the humans! The dentist was inspired by nature photography and the national parks in her area.

Start your journey in the reception area that is filled with beautiful monochromatic silhouette murals that are an homage to the national parks and the animals found there. There are clever design details that bring fun to the space like the tree cut-out coat racks and sculpted rocks. Waiting at the reception desk is a friendly 3D beaver and squirrel holding a camera and welcome sign.

Across from the reception desk you’ll find an adorable tourist bear checking his how-to photography book. Visitors can seat themselves next to him and snap a picture. Across from him, climbing up a column there is another smaller bear taking a picture of you!

Just off the reception you’ll find a play area with wall mounted tablet games, a sculpted tree with bench, and KeeBee game units, all set against the backdrop of peaceful silhouette murals.

Throughout the treatment areas there are little sculpted forest animals climbing, playing, and providing entertainment for the patients as they are being seen.

Children and adults alike will enjoy all the fun distractions ‘squirrelled’ away in this wildlife office!

Video Tour

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