Bayou Themed Dental Office

Wetland Wonder Bayou Office Decor

Beautiful bayou views await patients in this Louisiana inspired office! Packed with expressive animal sculptures in a captivating environment, this office is bound to give patients a good reason to keep coming back!

The front desk is fully adorned with sights of the swampy landscape, featuring a custom 2D to 3D sculpture of a raccoon and his boating alligator buddy making their way through the office. Alongside them stands a realistic tree, complete with mossy foliage as well as a sculpted bird nested in its branches.

Custom murals of perching herons and colorful insects also line the waiting room, providing an atmosphere that not only entertains, but also soothes patients anxious about their appointments. The mural includes an I Spy game that also provides a fun way to pass time before seeing the doctor.

The marshland journey continues through the hallways with fact-filled murals, and into the open treatment bays. Here, a potentially intimidating space is transformed into an exciting underwater world beneath the bayou, filled with furry otters, lush underwater plant life and schools of fish. During their care, patients can turn their attention upward and spot an alligator swimming above as he searches for his next tasty meal.

Visiting this wetland office will feel like a delightful swim through a swamp!

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