Town Themed Dental Office

Whimsical Tooth Town Office Theming

Take a peek at the most kid-friendly office in town… toon town that is! The theme for this engaging reception area is a cartoon town full of animal characters, bright colors, and lots of fun and games. This office features some super unique murals created just for this theme that will keep patients engaged and wanting to come back to this special practice.

The waiting area has an amazing fire truck bursting through a sculpted rock arch with an elephant firefighter rushing a cute Dalmatian with a toothache to the dentist! This large and dynamic sculpture is sure to wow visitors and leave an impression long after appointments are over.

The reception desk has a mural applied that makes it look adorably rustic with a cute door and tooth-shaped window illustrations. Mounted above the reception desk is a custom welcome sign in the shape of a tube of toothpaste.

Right at the entrance of the practice is a unique tree sculpture with giant pink pom poms in the place of leaves. The tree has a tunnel entrance that kids can use to get in from the vestibule.

Throughout the office are mounted gaming tablets set against bright toon town murals that will keep kids and parents entertained and happy while waiting to be seen!

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