Saddle up your horses and pack your finest lasso, we are headed to the wild west. From doorstep to treatment chair, children will feel as though they have headed on an adventure to wrangle bandits in this western themed pediatric dental office.

The reception area in this space is cladded with sculpted barn wood siding, decorated with vibrant cactuses, a custom rustic welcome sign, and a charming old wagon wheel. And with a little luck from the overhanging horseshoes, you will dodge the fleeing bull barreling through the barn wood doors on the front desk.

After a narrow escape from the burley beast, guests can head over to the waiting room area to play on gaming systems that are mounted to a life-size bale. They will be kept company by a few of the town residents: the Sheriff, the Brushing Cow, and the Lassoing Chicken.

And should this space get overrun with bustling cowboys and cowgirls, guests can head into a secluded waiting room where kids can post up under the bucolic porch to play on additional digital stations.

But what really sets this office apart is it’s customized playful murals. They say a picture is worth thousand words, well these murals tell the tale of a thousand stories. They will have kids imagining they are toasting marshmallows with a harmonica playing armadillo, planning to hunt loot with fellow desperados, or saddling up to ride off into the sunset on a trusty steed. Ultimately with their imaginations busy at work the reality of their treatment, which can often be anxiety inducing, will be far from the forefront of their minds.

This is the second themed office for this owner. His first office is a manatee themed river office.

Don’t miss the western office tour video below.


Imagination Design Studios helped theme my first office and when we opened our second location it was only natural to work with IDS to theme that location.

It gives us a unique identity and it helps a establish brand. When people think of Children’s Dentistry of Lakewood Ranch, all the sudden the logo, the colors, the characters, all those things are the first thing that come to peoples mind. So it really helps us set ourselves apart from other dental offices in the area.

The kids love it, the parents love it – they talk to their friends at school, the parents talk to their friends on social media as well as at gatherings. I have no doubt that we are gaining new patients as a direct result of theming.

When a child’s coming to the dentist it can be daunting and overwhelming. Having a unique theme that’s child friendly, that’s warm, that’s inviting, makes coming into the office feel that they are in a non-threatening area.

– Dr. Bryan Morgan





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