Woodland Themed Library

Wisdom Grows in This Library Filled with Trees

Imagine walking into a library and being greeted by a friendly bookworm mascot, with vibrant trees growing large canopies across the ceiling. This library has done it, situating itself as a children-friendly place for families to come and explore their book shelves.

As you make your way through the main reading area, you are struck by the stunning 3D sculpted tree in the center of the room. The tree is intricately detailed, with branches reaching up towards the ceiling and colorful mushrooms sprouting from the bark. Guests speakers and volunteer readers use this mighty tree as the backdrop for their presentations.



The bookworm character sits atop a sculpted mushroom that doubles as a chair, with a stack of books as the seat.

Overall, the library with the 3D sculpted tree and mushroom chair is a place full of wonder and magic. From the cozy reading nooks to the presentation area, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The friendly bookworm mascot adds an extra touch of whimsy and delight, making the library a place that kids and families will want to visit again and again.

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