Woodland Themed Dental Clinic

Ancient Woodland Dental Clinic Decor

This dental practice decided to make visits to their office more entertaining for their young patients by adding woodland murals and 3D castle theming.

The waiting room has charming mural scenes that show cute forest animals dancing and playing through 3D arched windows. Mounted in each archway are tablet gaming units to help pass the time before appointments.

Hanging moss lines the top of the sculpted stone wall for a more realistic look. In the seating area on the opposite wall is another custom mural showing forest critters peeking through windows above mounted Keebee game units.

In the treatment bay there is even more to see, including a brushing station featuring two custom brushing mirrors of a bear and a beaver. The treatment room murals include a game of I Spy that provides positive distractions and entertainment for patients while they are being seen.

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