Spotlight on Dinosaur Themed Decor

Travel back to the Land Before Time when you walk through your office doors. With dinosaur themed decor you can embark on a pre-historic adventure with a wooly mammoth, a triceratops, or maybe a brontosaurus!

Adding dinosaur themed decor to your space will add action, adventure, and mystery to your medical or dental office, childcare center, hotel play area, or any kid-oriented environment that you want to elevate for your visitor experience.

Let’s take a look back on some past Imagination Design Studios dino themed projects to get some creative juices flowing on how we can transform your everyday space into a primordial world of wonder.

Wow Your Clients With Dino-Mite Exterior Showstoppers

A head-turning exterior landscape is a sure way to wow everyone who passes by. Intrigue all ages with an extraordinary sculpture that signals you are a destination that promises an unforgettably unique experience if they walk through your doors.

Also, an exterior showstopper makes your real estate work for you. An IDS rooftop landmark is a perfect way to let your building advertise for you 24/7!

Check out this cute brushing dino! But don’t mistake cute for little, this ginormous dino spans across the length of this practice’s roof and it turns heads from miles away, stirring up curiosity all throughout the local community.

This brontosaurus and sabretooth tiger act as attention-grabbing exterior Landmarks above the carved rocky signage on the outside of this medical clinic. Kids know this is a fun place to go for a check-up.

Realistic dinosaurs are fun for all ages, like the raptor created for this orthodontic office.

Welcoming Dinosaur Reception Desk Decor

Once inside, the adventure for your young visitors can really begin. Capture your guests’ attention the moment they walk through the front door by bringing your theme to the reception desk.

As parents are occupied with the check-in process, children can plan an excavation excursion and examine these uncovered dino bones that have been carefully sculpted and textured to encourage exploration and spark imagination. 

This jungle hut reception has been overrun with some pretty cool dinos! Be sure to give the curious brontosaurus hanging out on the bridge a wave on the way inside.

Even a small desk can get a WOW upgrade that will draw visitors straight to it. Big or small, this check-in desk with ancient dinosaur bones makes for a beautiful decor piece. You can even throw an archeologist into the mix…

Immerse Yourself in the Adventure with Themed Bench Seating

From your reception desk to your waiting areas, the dinosaur theming can travel with your guests in a number of great decor products. Seating is an integral part of any lobby, waiting area, or lounge.

Carved seating that mimics the rocky hoodoos of ancient landscapes sets the scene for a dinosaur adventure.

Add a character to any seating area and your bench also doubles as a perfect photo-op to snap a ‘share-worthy’ moment for parents to keep and share with others. This will help you to promote your brand and what your location has to offer.

Let’s look at even more ways you can integrate photo ops into your space…

Pose with a Prehistoric Photo Op

Stand up characters are a fun photo op for kids and their families to pose beside. They can even be moved around your space or brought along to trade shows or public events.

Photo ops are great for the exterior of your building as well. They’ll draw in people passing by and spark curiosity about your business.

These two adorable dinos are all dolled up and waiting for their date to arrive – little do they know they’re waiting for each other on opposite ends of the street. Who’s going to tell them?

Dinosaur Themed Murals to Transport Your Walls to the Past

For the spaces that aren’t big enough for you to fit a life-size sculpted t-rex, a thrilling mural designed and illustrated by our artists can leave a lasting impression.

Time-traveling dino adventure anyone?

This Dino Tours mural incorporates gaming tablets (seen on the side of the vehicle) into the illustrated design.

Dinosaur divider walls separating the children’s play area from the adult sitting area are a fun way to add color, excitement, and organization to a space.

Our clients love mural additions as they are a visual way to keep children stimulated, encourage them to get lost in their imaginations, and make their own fun.  

Speaking of organization, let’s check in on a few play areas that give kids a place to play, make a mess, and have fun in a dedicated area just for them.

Jurassic Play Areas Are Fun for All Ages

Creating special places just for children within your office space is a great way to make kids feel special. A private game area made for kids will make them well extra welcomed into your practice.

Did you know dinosaurs make great friends? This colossal creature invites its little guests into an aquatic cavern – a private play area where kids can unwind and parents can rest knowing that they are safe in a child-friendly environment.

Take a closer look – inside this sea cave an engaging gaming system has been built into the wall to entertain kids of all ages.

Theater Spaces for Entrainment and Education

The whole gang will show up for a movie in your hoodoo-filled dino themed theater area.

Kids can watch their favorite movie with all their favorite dino-pals while waiting for their approaching appointment. Local children’s groups, scouts, and tours can come in for educational presentations as well.

Our charming characters get into the movie too. Popcorn and 3D glasses abound in a cozy theater made for kids!

Signs and Wayfinding to Help Guests Find Their Way To and Through Your Jurassic Park

Signs have two benefits – as eye-catching marketing on the exterior of your building as you saw before in our Landmarks section, and as helpful wayfinding to lead your guests around the inside of your building.

Let’s look at what you can do to the inside of your space. Add an eye catching sign like this in your space to ensure your practice stands out as being family-friendly and fun.

These cuties below are sure to bring a smile to your clients’ faces the second they catch a glimpse.

Ready to set out on a Jurassic journey of your own? Our Creative Consultants are excited to amaze you with some prehistoric options for your space! In the words of Dr. Henry Wu from Jurassic Park, “You didn’t ask for reality; you asked for more teeth!”

Want to take a closer look at some dinosaur themed offices? Check out these two projects below:

A Dino-Mite Dental Clinic

Two Themes – Dinosaur and Jungle

Want a dinosaur themed office of your own? Our Creative Consultants can’t wait to help you go back in time!




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