Spotlight on Fun Farmyard Office Decor

Time for an IDS theming feature! Today, we’ll take a look at some adorable farmyard themed spaces that went hog-wild with their characters and playful atmosphere. There’s no one way to bring some barnyard fun to your kid-focused clinic, dental office or daycare, so we’re going to feature a handful of our favorite ways to bring some udderly amazing decor to any office environment!

Outdoor Eye-Catching Theming

As we’ve discussed before, a great way to signal your incredible theming to potential visitors traveling by your business is by beginning with the outdoor decor.

Farm Themed Landmarks

Grab attention with a giant outdoor landmark character. This smiling cow and horse sculpture can be seen for miles around! A landmark like this would bring your theme to the neighboring community before they even step in the door.

Landmarks at ground level can also act as fun photo ops for kids and parents to pose beside. This crazy scene below portrays a group of chickens on the run with the help of their big bull friend. The farmer horse is on their tail and a couple of pig farmhands have gotten caught in the middle of all that feathery chaos. If that doesn’t get the neighborhood talking, what will?

Exterior Signage

Building signs and billboards are just as eye-catching as a big landmark display. This crew of farmyard characters wraps around the building so it can be seen by drivers going in all directions.

Exterior Photo Ops with Friendly Farm Animals

Passers-by will love to cuddle up next to this cute photo op bench featuring an overall-clad piggy. The bonus of having an outdoor photo op is that even non-patients will want to get their picture taken. Both guests and locals from the neighborhood can pose beside this smiling farmer and share the photos with their friends and family on social media.

Photo ops can be farmyard characters or even props. A miniature farm truck or tractor would make a fun photo for kids to sit in. Classic head hole photo ops are great too.

You can learn about great ways to use a photo op in our previous blog on the topic.

Farm Window Murals

Exterior window murals (bonus: you can see these on the inside too) create privacy and are a unique way to theme the outside of your building. Anyone passing by a building like this will be very curious to see what’s inside. It’s a great way to create foot traffic and new clients.

The UV-resistant vinyl we use to print these scenes of rolling pastures and grinning farm animals keeps these graphics looking colorful for years to come.

Traveling Billboards

We’ve talked before about the amazing benefits of a billboard on wheels. Vehicle wraps are an eye-catching way to take your brand around town. It’s for more than just running errands, you can visit sports events, drive in parades, attend local fairs & markets, or drive it to schools during events. This lounging cow with its western graphic wrap grabs attention everywhere it goes.

Your farm themed building will stand out like a big red barn when you add theming to your exterior.

Interior Theming Transformations

To really make an impact, IDS can bring the whole farm inside! These whimsical environments are packed to the rafters with expertly themed fun. From floor to ceiling, the moment you walk through the door you’re transported to a barnyard where even pigs can fly.

Combining 2D murals, 3D sculpted elements, and themed furniture, all these harmonious elements truly bring the experience to life in this clinic waiting room. Check out these a-moo-zing theming ideas!

Barn Themed Reception Desks

The reception desk is often the first thing a guest or patient will see when they enter an office. Why not make it the most noticeable thing in the room!

A warm and inviting barnyard reception desk is a great way to set the scene. The red against a subdued paint color or a colorful mural makes the desk pop! Patients will know just where to go to check in when they enter the office.

Farm Themed Gaming Areas

Adding an entertaining distraction to your reception area or kids’ play room is an important part of the immersive theming experience.

Playboards are great for little folks visiting the farm.

Gaming stations and game walls are a great way to entertain kids and teens with some high-tech distractions. Tablets can be added to any theme, but they sure look extra cute attached to a bail of hay.

This game wall is transformed into a full country band, with a combination of 2D and 3D to bring this scene to life.

Educational Entertainment with a Barnyard Twist

Play can be educational as well. IDS has a long history of theming museums before working in dental and medical offices. Hands-on, interactive, and educational displays are a great way to engage patients as they want for a dental or medical appointment.

The educational areas in these two dental offices have lots of interactive entertainment, including a brushing demonstration station and an informative model of a tooth with cavities vs healthy teeth.

Farm Prize Cupboards

An important part of any dental or medical visit (at least to kids, anyway) is the prize at the end. This writer still remembers getting a neon bouncy ball from the dental treasure box or a sticker for being good at a doctor’s appointment.

This barn-shaped cabinet takes that treasure box concept to a whole new magical level. This particular chicken doles out t-shirts and prizes to those who visit her barnyard.

Cozy Farm Seating

Seating is an integral part of any office, whether it’s for a dental, medical, or childcare space. Seating is one of the best things to theme as it’s a piece that guests will feel the most comfortable interacting with. And don’t worry, our seating solutions are built tough so they are meant to be used.

From hay bail benches to seating made to look like a wagon wheel to stools carved like the worms that make the vegetable fields fertile, the possibilities are endless for farm themed seating solutions.

Mooore Photo Ops

We already mentioned photo ops for the outside of your building, but of course you should have them inside where your visitors will spend the most time. Grab your cowboy hat and mooove on in beside this charming cowpoke for a great photo to share on social media.

Themed Wall Decor

From brushing mirrors to murals, wall art can truly enhance the environment of your practice. It’s the easiest way to transform your space while leaving room for important equipment and storage.

Farm Animal Brushing Mirrors

For some practical decor, themed brushing mirrors like this cow and goat can blend in seamlessly with your other themed elements while still fulfilling an important role in a pediatric dentist’s office. Smiling mirrors are a great way to teach little kids how to brush their teeth in a fun and memorable way.

Farm Landscape Wall Murals

Whether sophisticated and neutral or bright and colorful, a wall mural acts as a simple and cost-effective way to thoroughly theme your space. Even a barnyard setting can be simplified and modernized using sleek silhouettes!

But really, who wants a clean and sophisticated barn theme… you’re probably looking for something filled with color and pizazz! Check out this crazy barnyard scene below. This mural is also an “I Spy” game so kids can search for hidden items in the scene while they wait.

I Spy Mural

Look closely at the treatment rooms below – part of the fence is actually a real piece of wood – the board acts as a chair rail to help prevent scuffs from the chairs and trolleys that move around the room. Genius!

Farm mural with a built-in chair rail.

From the reception area, open bay, treatment & exam rooms, play areas, and yes, even your bathrooms, murals can transform a room from something plain into acres of wheat fields, meadows, barns, and windmills.

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s potty humor.

Faux Windows with Fields and Pastures

Cute window frame murals bring the world of your theme right into your office in a subtler way. These simple touches with real window frames are a simple yet effective method to bring the barnyard to your practice.

These smaller graphics can be just as transformative as full-on murals. Children can imagine a whole world beyond just the bull peeking in the window while munching on hay.

What did we miss? What would you like to see in your farm themed decor? The possibilities are endless when you work with the design team at IDS to create your dream office.

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Want a barnyard themed office of your own? Our Creative Consultants can’t wait to help you get farming!




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